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23 November: Australia Day Award Nominations Closing Soon (PDF 235Kb)

23 November: Summer Reading Program (PDF 410Kb)

20 November: 2021 Charity Shield date announced (PDF 307Kb)

19 November: Water Restrictions Lifted in Rylstone and Kandos (PDF 218Kb)

16 November: National Road Safety Week (PDF 204Kb)

2 November: Bushfire Commuity Forums (PDF 217Kb)

2 November: Australia Day Award Nominations Now Open (PDF 226Kb)


29 October: Dixons Long Point Proposed Crossing (PDF 195Kb)


30 September: Celebrating Small Business Month (PDF 226Kb)

30 September: Events Assistance Applications (PDF 200Kb)

21 September: Opportunity for Local Producers, Cooks and Food Service Providers (PDF 194Kb)

21 September: Traffic Study on the Bylong Valley Way (PDF 201Kb)

9 September: Consultation Workshop for Gulgong Facilities (PDF 203Kb)

8 September: Save the Date for Young Entrepreneurs Summit (PDF 213Kb)

2 September: Mid-Western Region Smart Community Strategy (PDF 194Kb)

1 September: Proposed New Mudgee Off-Leash Dog Park (PDF 196Kb)

1 September: Spend and Sip in September (PDF 194Kb)


13 August: Flavours of Mudgee 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19 (PDF 203Kb)

6 August: Free Trees for Bushfire Affected Residents (PDF 195Kb)


28 July: Bushfire Recovery Sessions at Kandos (PDF 205Kb)

20 July: Community Input Sought on Old Gulgong Fire Station (PDF 138Kb)

7 July: Liberty Swing Installed at Robertson Park (PDF 204Kb)

2 July: New Event Celebrates Art of Fermentation (PDF 252Kb)

1 July: Libraries Return to Normal Operating Hours (PDF 202Kb)


26 June: Introduction of Annual Permits for Non-Desexed Cats and Dangerous and Restricted Dogs (PDF 193Kb)

23 June: Putta Bucca Wetlands Extension Complete (PDF 198Kb)

18 June: Flavours of Mudgee September Date Cancelled (PDF 224Kb)

5 June: $1.5 Million Secured for Mudgee Cultural Precinct (PDF 199Kb)

4 June: llegal Dumper Fined $4000 (PDF 195Kb)

2 June: Mudgee CBD Parking Study (PDF 200Kb)


28 May: Mudgee, Gulgong and Kandos Libraries Reopen (PDF 197Kb)

25 May: Local Business Booster Program (PDF 200Kb)

12 May: Council Launches New Local Business Site (PDF 203Kb)


30 April: Free Course for Business to Manager COVID-19 Crisis (PDF 195Kb)

27 April: Regular Flights To and From Mudgee Continue (PDF 202Kb)

23 April: Draft Operational Plan on Exhibition (PDF 196Kb)

14 April: Waste Facilities Remain Open (PDF 201Kb)

9 April: April Council Meeting Closed to the Public (PDF 198Kb)

7 April: Council to Discuss Further Assistance Options (PDF 203Kb)


30 March: Council Update COVID-19 Response (PDF 251Kb)

25 March: Council Building Closures and Service Updates: COVID-19 Response (PDF 222Kb)

24 March: Shop Locally and Support Local Business (PDF 194Kb)

23 March: Update on Pools and Other Facilities: COVID-19 (PDF 195Kb)

19 March: Council Venue Management in Response to COVID-19 (PDF 196Kb)

17 March: Council Taking Proactive Measures to Protect Staff and Community (PDF 214Kb)

4 March: Charity Shield Brings $1.78M to Local Economy (PDF 196Kb)

2 March: Mudgee Library Temporarily Closing For Painting (PDF 193Kb)


27 February: Events Assistance Applications Open Soon (PDF 195Kb)

25 February: 2020 Seniors Week Celebrations (PDF 198Kb)

4 February: Bushfire Assistance Available (PDF 209Kb)

3 February: Mudgee and Gulgong Residents Permitted to Return to Regular Water Use Under Level 2 Restrictions (PDF 199Kb)

3 February: Council Commences Strategic Planning Consultation (PDF 197Kb)


31 January: Mudgee and Gulgong Residents Urged to Continue to Limit Non-Essential Water Use (PDF 276Kb)

30 January: Continued Safety Upgrades to Wollar Road (PDF 211Kb)

28 January: Mudgee and Gulgong Residents Urged to Limit Water Usage (PDF 211Kb)

20 January: 2020 Australia Day Ambassador Announced (PDF 226Kb)

17 January: Council Appoints Bushfire Liaison Officer (PDF 198Kb)

16 January: 2020 Australia Day Nominees (PDF 231Kb)







































13 December: Community Plan Proposals Now Open (PDF 220Kb)

12 December: Water Restrictions Flyer Delivered to Households (PDF 195Kb)

11 December: Construction of Glen Willow Stage 2 Commences (PDF 299Kb)


29 November: Boil Water Advisory Lifted (PDF 194Kb)

27 November: Mudgee Water Park Official Opening (PDF 197Kb)

27 November: Boil Water Advisory Still in Place (PDF 213Kb)

26 November: Boil Water Advisory in Place for Mudgee Township (PDF 209Kb)

20 November: Australia Day Award Nominations Closing Soon (PDF 227Kb)

20 November: Revised Odds and Evens Watering System (PDF 194Kb)

15 November: Bushfire Survival Planning Sessions (PDF 192Kb)

7 November: Level 2 Water Restrictions From Next Week (PDF 196Kb)


31 October: Australia Day 2020 Award Nominations Open (PDF 225Kb)

30 October: 2020 Charity Shield Date Confirmed (PDF 325Kb)

23 October: Free Small Business Energy Event in Mudgee (PDF 199Kb)

17 October: Level Two Water Restrictions From 11 November (PDF 200Kb)

3 October: Gulgong Adventure Playground Official Opening (PDF 214Kb)


30 September: Record Crowd For Flavours of Mudgee 2019 (PDF 195Kb)

23 September: Flavours of Mudgee Proudly Supporting Local Brewers (PDF 212Kb)

17 September: Roads Teams Reallocated Following Rainfall (PDF 221Kb)

16 September: Flavours of Mudgee - Road Closures (PDF 219Kb)

13 September: Free Microchipping Day Mudgee (PDF 200Kb)

12 September: Rylstone Kandos Family Fun Day (PDF 219Kb)

05 September: Flavours of Mudgee Premium Tasting Package (PDF 193Kb)


30 August: Applications open soon for Council's Events Assistance Program (PDF 289Kb)

26 August: Flavours of Mudgee - Kandos, Rylstone and Gulgong Bus Service (PDF 196Kb)

22 August: Severe Drought Inhibiting Grading (PDF 197Kb)

20 August: Kids Packages Available at Flavours of Mudgee (PDF 195Kb)

19 August: Three New Sculptures Installed at Lawson Park (PDF 214Kb)

12 August: Flavours of Mudgee Locals Only Early Bird Package (PDF 196Kb)

5 August: Community News Bulletin Awarded (PDF 196Kb)


26 July: Central West Young Entrepreneurs Summit Success (PDF 232Kb)

23 July: Level 1 Water Restrictions from 1 August (PDF 221Kb)

17 July: National Tree Day (PDF 193Kb)

17 July: Central West Young Entrepreneurs Summit (PDF 201Kb)

1 July: Level 1 Water Restrictions from 1 August (PDF 195Kb)


11 June: Herbert and White Street Works Gulgong (PDF 190Kb)

4 June: Temporary Water Supply Interruption (PDF 190Kb)


30 May: Flavours of Mudgee Stallholder Expressions of Interest Open Soon (PDF 193Kb)

30 May: Smart Water Meter Rollout Commenced (PDF 200Kb)

29 May: Protect Your Water Meter This Winter (PDF 248Kb)

24 May: Scheduled Kandos-Rylstone Bicycle Path Works (PDF 191Kb)

20 May: Glen Willow Record Crowd (PDF 195Kb)

20 May: Herbert and White Street Works Gulgong (PDF 189Kb)

20 May: Waste and Sustainability Education Workshops (PDF 195Kb)

16 May: Glen Willow The Home of the Charity Shield (PDF 300Kb)

10 May: Council Project Finalist in Asia Pacific Awards (PDF 196Kb)

8 May: Robinson Street Works Gulgong (PDF 190Kb)

7 May: Gulgong Water Main Works Continue (PDF 191Kb)

6 May: Central West Young Entrepreneurs Summit (PDF 235Kb)

3 May: Library Launches Community Reading Project (PDF 231Kb)

2 May: Mid-Western Region Youth Employment Expo (PDF 196Kb)

1 May: Scheduled Ulan Road Works (PDF 189Kb)


18 April: Waste Transfer Station Collection Delays (PDF 191Kb)

11 April: Castlereagh Highway Works South of Ilford (PDF 136Kb)



29 March: Lawson Park Stone Wall Works Continue (PDF 136Kb)

27 March: Short Street Rehabilitation Works (PDF 269Kb)

22 March: Glen Willow Footpath Closure (PDF 136Kb)

19 March: $1 Million in Upgrades for Community Facilities in Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone and Kandos (PDF 95Kb)

18 March: Applications for Event Funding Close Soon (PDF 200Kb)

7 March: Contribute to Council's Heritage Project (PDF 212Kb)

7 March: Ulan Road Intersection Upgrade (PDF 189Kb)

6 March: Apply Now for Event Funding (PDF 214Kb)


19 February: Council Proudly Supporting Region's Youth (PDF 198Kb)

4 February: New Waste Education Program Launched (PDF 197Kb)


31 January: NRL Tickets Available At Council (PDF 199Kb)

25 January: Gulgong Water Filling Station Temporarily Closed (PDF 207Kb)

25 January: Mudgee Water Park Works (PDF 207Kb)

21 January: 2019 Australia Day Nominees (PDF 216Kb)

16 January: Ulan Road/Ulan-Wollar Road Intersection Works (PDF 190Kb)

15 January: Australia Day Ambassador Announced (PDF 218Kb)

4 January: Curtain-Raiser Games Announced (PDF 195Kb)

4 January: Short Street-Ulan Road Water Main Works (PDF 136Kb)



















19 December: Cemetery Policy (PDF 193Kb)

17 December: Community Plan Proposals Now Open (PDF 216Kb)

14 December: Rylstone Township Temporary Water Interruption (PDF 214Kb)

12 December: Community Invited to Mudgee Skate Park Opening (PDF 202Kb)

11 December: NSW Government Increases Dog Attack Fines (PDF 194Kb)

10 December: Pop-Up Library at Rylstone (PDF 193Kb)

10 December: Clandulla Village Temporary Water Interruption (PDF 269Kb)

4 December: Council Environment Project Recognised (PDF 197Kb)


30 November: Food & Garden Waste Collection Success (PDF 213Kb)

27 November: Local Youth Forum in Gulgong (PDF 199Kb)

26 November: New Project Captures Heritage (PDF 215Kb)

23 November: Gulgong Skate Park Officially Opened (PDF 202Kb)

22 November: Project Rescheduled - Ulan Road Intersection Upgrade (PDF 206Kb)

20 November: Ulan Road Intersection Upgrade (PDF 207Kb)

19 November: Funding Flows for Mid-Western Regional Council's Smart Water Meter Project (PDF 152Kb)

16 November: One Week Left to Nominate in Australia Day Awards (PDF 245Kb)

13 November: Tickets On Sale: Charity Shield and Round 10 NRL Premiership Game (PDF 193Kb)

7 November: Glen Willow Suspension Bridge Closed 10 November (PDF 212Kb)


31 October: Australia Day Award Nominations Now Open (PDF 344Kb)

26 October: Possible Traffic Delays on Church Street (PDF 212Kb)

25 October: Newcastle Knights Announced as Rival Team in 2019 Glen Willow NRL Fixture (PDF 273Kb)

15 October: Join the Backyard Bird Count (PDF 282Kb)

10 October: Rylstone Kandos Family Fun Day (PDF 211Kb)

8 October: Dispose of Your Chemicals Free This Weekend (PDF 280Kb)

3 October: 40km/h Speed Limit on Goulburn River Bridge (PDF 213Kb)

2 October: Free Workshops for Local Business Owners (PDF 276Kb)


28 September: Rylstone And Kandos Family Fun Day (PDF 272Kb)

24 September: Narrango Road Works Commence 2 October (PDF 212Kb)

24 September: Rylstone Township Temporary Water Interruption (PDF 269Kb)

24 September: Record Crowd For Flavours of Mudgee 2018 (PDF 276Kb)

20 September: Gulgong Skate Park Closure - Update (PDF 231Kb)

19 September: Gulgong Skate Park Closure (PDF 212Kb)

18 September: Holyoake Footbridge Closure (PDF 212Kb)

13 September: Mudgee Town Shuttle Bus Service - Flavours of Mudgee (PDF 214Kb)

13 September: Flavours of Mudgee Road Closures (PDF 214Kb)

11 September: Goodiman Creek Bridge Reconstruction Begins (PDF 272Kb)

10 September: Join A Guided Art Tour Through Lawson Park (PDF 272Kb)

10 September: Shuttle Bus Service To And From Flavours (PDF 275Kb)

5 Septemer: Apply Now For Events Assistance (PDF 276Kb)


31 August: Flavours of Mudgee Tasting Packages on Sale (PDF 277Kb)

30 August: Flavours of Mudgee New Website Launched (PDF 276Kb)

16 August: Payment Arrangement Available for Farmland Rates (PDF 273Kb)

8 August: Minor Traffic Delays Henry Lawson Drive (PDF 145Kb)


18 July: Syringes Removed From Cudgegong River (PDF 194Kb)

13 July: Mudgee Street Closure (PDF 214Kb)

12 July: NSW Eagles Welcomed to Glen Willow (PDF 214Kb)

10 July: NAIDOC Week Ceremony (PDF 233Kb)


28 June: Regional Composting Facility (PDF 272Kb)

27 June: Plastic Free July (PDF 212Kb)

26 June: Flavours of Mudgee Stallholder Applications Close Friday (PDF 191Kb)

25 June: Food & Garden Waste Collection Begins 1 July (PDF 273Kb)

21 June: Live and Local Pop Up Music Event (PDF 197Kb)

13 June: Asbestos Dumped at Rural Waste Transfer Station (PDF 268Kb)

8 June: Billy Dunn Oval Amenities Building Repair Works (PDF 213Kb)

7 June: Council Seeking Input For Flood Study (PDF 271Kb)

1 June: Flavours of Mudgee Stallholder Applications Open (PDF 163Kb)

1 June: Lawson Park Stone Wall Works Commence (PDF 162Kb)


31 May: Grading Program Suspended (PDF 275Kb)

24 May: Temporary Road Closure (PDF 160Kb)

24 May: Events Assistance Funding (PDF 279Kb)

10 May: Justice Crew Announce Mudgee Show  (PDF 275Kb)

10 May: Cudgegong River Suspension Bridge (PDF 164Kb)

9 May: Waste to Art Exhibition (PDF 272Kb)

9 May: Pitts Lane Pathway Temporarily Closed (PDF 212Kb)

8 May: Lawson Park Stone Wall Remediation Works Commence (PDF 272Kb)


 19 April: Community Engagement and Outreach Van Launch (PDF 163Kb)

5 April: Council Supports Relay for Life (PDF 163Kb)

5 April: Council Introduces New Food And Garden Waste Collection Service (PDF 317Kb)


29 March: Recycling Contaminated With Asbestos (PDF 272Kb)

28 March: Council Urges Drivers To Be Safe This Easter (PDF 273Kb)

23 March: NSW Seniors Festival 2018 (PDF 276Kb)

23 March: Angus Avenue Works Nearing Completion (PDF 213Kb)

22 March: Council Seeking Community Feedback (PDF 164Kb)

19 March: Mobile Library Van Launch (PDF 277Kb)

15 March: Stronger Country Communities Funding - Council Seeking Community Feedback (PDF 274Kb)

12 March: Live & Local On Church Street (PDF 195Kb)

12 March: Putta Bucca Carp Muster (PDF 163Kb)

5 March: Events Assistance Program - Apply Now For Event Funding (PDF 200Kb)

February 20 Feb: Holyoake Footbridge Open (PDF 163Kb)


22 Jan: Lewis Street Road Works (PDF 212Kb)

19 Jan: Water Consumption (PDF 270Kb)



















Health and Fitness Festival.pdf (PDF 420Kb) (PDF 145Kb)




Events Assistance Program.pdf (PDF 201Kb) 


Temporary Closure of Fairydale Lane.pdf (PDF 220Kb) 






Household Checmical CleanOut (PDF 432Kb)


Australia Day Award Nominations (PDF 498Kb)

National Water Week (PDF 228Kb)

Percy Nott Rest Area - Now Open (DOCX 160Kb)

Ullamalla Road Closure (PDF 218Kb)

Bruce Road Closure (PDF 216Kb)

Buckaroo Lane Intersection (PDF 217Kb)




28 Sept: Ullamalla Road Closure (PDF 121Kb)

17 Sept: Mayoral Elections (PDF 274Kb)

8 Sept: Percy Nott Works Update (PDF 217Kb)




14 Jul: National Tree Day (294kb) (PDF 293Kb)

8 Jul: Christmas in July (280kb) (PDF 279Kb)

Organic Waste initiative (281kb) (PDF 282Kb)


 Saleyards Lane Roadworks (289kb) (PDF 286Kb)


27 May: FlyPelican launches Mudgee to Sydney air service (274kb) (PDF 274Kb)

21 May: Two hour parking limits Church Street (200kb) (PDF 219Kb)

Apr 16 Apr: Works at Gulgong Customer Service Centre (128kb) (PDF 129Kb)

20 Mar: Roadworks (217kb) (PDF 217Kb)

13 Mar: Water main replacement Medley Street (274kb) (PDF 275Kb)

12 Mar: Mudgee Health & Fitness Festival (300kb) (PDF 301Kb)

5 Mar: Rates Reference Group (275kb) (PDF 275Kb)

3 Mar: Apply now for Event funding (284kb) (PDF 285Kb)


26 Feb: Mining in the Mid-Western Region (284kb) (PDF 284Kb)

23 Feb: Right-of-way change on Henry Lawson Bridge (200kb) (PDF 218Kb)

20 Feb: Construction starts at Mudgee Early Childhood Hub (283kb) (PDF 284Kb)

19 Feb: Media Alert (229kb) (PDF 230Kb)

12 Feb: Precious biodiversity at Putta Bucca (277kb) (PDF 277Kb)

5 Feb: Putta Bucca carp muster (280kb) (PDF 280Kb)

3 Feb: MWRC commends approval of Moolarben Stage 2 (283kb)  (PDF 283Kb)


28 Jan: Closure of Magpie Lane (290kb) (PDF 290Kb)

20 Jan: Australia Day celebrations (297kb) (PDF 297Kb)

15 Jan: Ice Pigging in Mayne Street (290kb) (PDF 290Kb)

14 Jan: Market Street Roadworks (235kb) (PDF 236Kb)

8 Jan: Ice Pigging in Gulgong (135kb) (PDF 138Kb)

2014       Dec

18 Dec: Upgrade to timber bridges underway (142kb) (PDF 142Kb)

12 Dec: Council proposes investment in air services (158kb) (PDF 159Kb)

4 Dec: Council thanks Essential Enegy (60kb) (PDF 60Kb)


7 Nov: Water filling stations (64kb) (PDF 65Kb)

7 Nov: Rylstone Kandos Community Forum (58kb) (PDF 59Kb)


30 Oct: Australia Day Award nominations open (463kb) (PDF 464Kb)

23 Oct: Kandos Library closure (85kb) (PDF 85Kb)

23 Oct: Mayor congratulates Troy Grant (82kb) (PDF 83Kb)

20 Oct: Lue Road Works (83kb) (PDF 83Kb)

14 Oct: Water week (84kb) (PDF 84Kb)

9 Oct: Insights into the region's footpaths (307kb) (PDF 307Kb)


25 Sep: New debt Management Process and Agent (84kb) (PDF 85Kb)

12 Sep: Environment Programs (318kb) (PDF 318Kb)

10 Sep: Events Assistance Program 2014/15 (65kb) (PDF 65Kb)

5 Sep: PAMP Survey Release (88kb) (PDF 89Kb)


22 Aug: Church Street works (85kb) (PDF 85Kb)

12 Aug: Local producers line up for Flavours of Mudgee (82kb) (PDF 83Kb)

1 Aug: Cobbora Transition Fund (92kb) (PDF 93Kb)


17 Jul: Watch Council meetings live online (84kb) (PDF 85Kb)

15 Jul: Response to EPA release (PDF 84Kb)

8 Jul: Online DA Tracking (141kb) (PDF 142Kb)

3 Jul: Council investigtes viability of a Community Centre (84kb) (PDF 84Kb)


17 Jun: Response to Telstra announcement (337kb) (PDF 336Kb)

16 Jun: Theft at the Cudgegong Bridge (84kb) (PDF 84Kb)

12 Jun: Bridge opening (191kb) (PDF 191Kb)


27 May: Vincent Aviation (61kb) (PDF 61Kb)

23 May: Castlereagh Highway roadworks (223kb) (PDF 223Kb)


23 Apr: Trans Tasman (312kb) (PDF 313Kb)

14 Apr: Internet coverage (88kb) (PDF 88Kb)

11 Apr: Playground Equipment (228kb) (PDF 229Kb)

03 Apr: General Manager's resignation (63kb) (PDF 64Kb)

Mar 05 Mar: pARTicipate Survey (66kb)

27 Feb: Sewer rehabilitation (64kb) (PDF 64Kb)

27 Feb: 1,000 trees (64kb) (PDF 64Kb)

27 Feb: Secure animals (60kb) (PDF 61Kb)

24 Feb: Water update (67kb) (PDF 67Kb)

24 Feb: Community Grants (305kb) (PDF 304Kb)

11 Feb: Events Assistance Program 2014-15 (88kb) (PDF 87Kb)


28 Jan: Rylstone Dam Update (65kb) (PDF 64Kb)

28 Jan: Filling Stations (63kb) (PDF 62Kb)

23 Jan: Health & Wellbeing Festivals (65kb) (PDF 65Kb)

9 Jan: Family Bike Ride (701kb) (PDF 701Kb)