Working with us

Our Council prides itself on being an award winning organisation and offers a range of career opportunities in areas such as administration, planning and development, water supply and waste water, parks and gardens, libraries and operations.

Council is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in its people. Our core values of Respect, Integrity and Recognition are an important part of our working life.

Staff Benefits

The Local Government (State) Award prescribes Mid-Western Regional Council’s base employment conditions. In addition, Council has developed a number of initiatives which provide greater benefits for our employees than those contained in the Award. Some of our benefits are listed below.

Annual Leave

Permanent full-time employees are entitled to four weeks of annual leave for each 12 months of service. Permanent part-time employees are entitled to annual leave pro-rated dependent upon their hours of work.

Sick Leave

Upon commencement of employment with Council, permanent employees are granted three weeks of sick leave which accrues from year to year after each 12 months of service.

Carer’s leave is available for all Council employees, other than casual employees and will be covered by your current or accrued Sick Leave entitlement.

Long Service Leave

After five years continuous service, employees are entitled to six and a half weeks of Long Service Leave. Employees receive additional increments after 10, 15 and 20 years of service.

Parental Leave

Employees who have completed 12 months continuous service with Council may access a range of options for both paid and unpaid parental leave, including payment at full or half-pay, the ability to extend the period of parental leave beyond the initial 12 months and more.

Rostered Day Off

Many employees of Council enjoy a Rostered Day Off arrangement; a regular day which allows our employees to undertake all those activities they don’t have the time or opportunity to do during the working week.

Employee Assistance Program

Council’s Employee Assistance Program is available to all employees of Council and provides a confidential and free service by qualified psychologists and other providers as necessary. The service is there to provide help in dealing with issues that may be affecting your work, home or life in general. Council will fund the cost of up to three consultations for you in any financial year (July-June).

Workplace Environment Statement

Council’s Workplace Environment Statement (WES), defines how we work together, how we behave towards each other and our expectations of each other. We believe that having and demonstrating our three core values of Respect, Integrity and Recognition are just as important in doing your job as having the right technical skills and capabilities.