Get ready for emergencies and disasters

Discover how to be prepared for the threat of a bushfire, emergency or natural disaster. Take the right precautions and plan effectively to protect yourself and the ones you love.


How to be prepared for the threat of a bushfire.

Be bushfire ready

Neighbourhood Safer Places

Neighbourhood Safer Places are a place of last resort during a bushfire emergency, to be used when all other options in your Bush Fire Survival Plan can't be put into action safely.

You should be aware of any Neighbourhood Safer Places in your area, and note them in your Bushfire Survival Plan before a bush fire occurs.

Find your local Neighbourhood Safer Places

Home fire safety

Minimise your risks of home fires.

Get Ready - Home fire safety

Storms and floods

How to be prepared for the threat of storm and flood disasters.

Get Ready - Storm and Flood

Plan for your animals

Emergencies can occur suddenly. Planning effectively for your pets and animals helps to keep everyone safe.

Make a plan for your animals

Protect your loved ones

Emergencies can strike at anytime, anywhere and without warning. It's easy to protect yourself, the people you love and the things you value most.

Be prepared



Planning for emergencies