Economic Development Strategy

In 2018, the NSW Government supported local councils and communities across Regional NSW to develop Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS). In 2023, the NSW Government developed updates this important strategy. The 2023 REDS Updates build on the strong foundation created by the 2018 REDS and include: 

  • updated data and economic analysis, reflecting new data releases and analysis of the impact of key events that have occurred since 2018;
  • discussion of the key opportunities and challenges facing regional NSW and individual communities; and 
  • updated strategies and enabling actions to guide and support economic development priorities for regional NSW.

For further detail about the 2023 REDS Updates, see the Information for Readers Guide


Download a Copy 

Mid-Western Regional Economic Development Strategy –2023 Update(PDF, 3MB)

Regional Economic Development Strategy 2018 - 2022(PDF, 4MB)

Supporting Analysis(PDF, 3MB)