Biosecurity weeds


Controlling invasive plant species is a key strategy in Council’s Community Plan. Weeds are a threat to the natural environment and the agriculture industry, with the financial impact on farming in NSW alone, in the vicinity of $600 million each year. They are a major threat to our unique natural environment, threatening the survival of hundreds of native plants and animals, impacting on the price of food, human health through allergies and asthma, recreational activities and the NSW economy. It is important that all members of the community play their part in the control of biosecurity matters (Weeds).

Council is the Local Control Authority responsible for administering the Biosecurity Act 2015 in the Mid-Western Region which covers approximately 900,000 hectares.

Council's goal is to:

  • Raise awareness of the problem of invasive weeds in our community
  • Encourage the establishment and maintenance of effective weed control programs
  • Prevent the establishment of new weed species in the Mid-Western Region
  • Reduce the impact of widespread invasive weed species

Central Tablelands Weed Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)