Using Council's logo

Council's Logo.PNG

The Mid-Western Regional Council logo is our organisation's primary brand mark. As such, it is critical that it is used in a consistent and professional way.

Our logo is not to be used by any person or entity without the permission of Mid-Western Regional Council. The use of Council's logo by an organisation is free of charge and is to be authorised under the following circumstances:

  • Used by an entity that is in partnership with Mid-Western Regional Council, however may only be used in activities directly related to the sponsorship.
  • Used by a person or entity in acknowledgement of Mid-Western Regional Council's provision of sponsorship or in-kind support, however may only be used in activities directly related to the sponsorship.
  • Used by a person or entity in the promotion of a not for profit undertaking that is aligned with the strategic objectives of Mid-Western Regional Council and where the use is considered to have the effect of promoting our region.

Applying for permission to use Council's logo

Applications are to be made prior to using the logo, and are to be submitted via email, specifying the planned use of the logo as follows:

  • The full text of the materials to which the logo is proposed to be applied 
  • A visual representation of how the logo will look once published
  • The manner and format by which the materials are to be distributed or published 
  • Contact details of the person(s) who will be responsible for the correct usage of the logo as approved by Mid-Western Regional Council

Conditions of use

The following criteria is conditional on any authorisation for the use of Council's logo, and is to be communicated to the applicant on issue of authorisation:

  • Use of the logo is to be in accordance with Council's guidelines 
  • Council is to determine a period for which the approval remains valid 
  • Council retains the right to withdraw its approval, with the applicant subsequently being obligated to remove Council's logo from their materials and circulation
  • Any other conditions deemed appropriate to the circumstances of the application 

Limitations of commercial use

Approval to use Mid-Western Regional Council's logo will not be given for suppliers of commercial products or services, if such a use could be inferred directly or indirectly as a testimonial or endorsement for a product or service.

All requests or enquiries relating to using Council's logo should be submitted to