The tendering process

Doing Business With Council

Council aims to obtain quality services within the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993.

Subject to certain exceptions, tenders are required to be called for all contracts involving an expenditure or income of greater than $250,000. Further details can be found in Council’s Procurement Policy.

Tender selection criteria

All Council tenders include a section which relates to the criteria upon which responses and ultimate selections will be made. Tenderers are well advised to ensure that all information relating to the tender selection criteria is provided.

The lowest or any tender is not necessarily accepted. Late tenders will not be considered, and suppliers submitting tenders and the public are invited to the opening of tenders immediately after closing of the tenders.

Tender closing time and date

The tender closing time and date nominated in the tender is the latest time by which tenders must be lodged. Tenders submitted later than the nominated time and date will not be considered.

Lodgement of tenders

Formal tender documents including all other essential information required must be lodged by the advertised closing time in the tender. Tenders can be lodged online, in person or via mail. 

Mid-Western Regional Council offers online tendering. Visit VendorPanel to view Council tenders currently available and to complete a registration.

In person
Tenders can be delivered to Council's Customer Service Centre in Mudgee at 86 Market Street, Mudgee. Opening hours are 8.00am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Tenders may be forwarded to Council by mail, to be received by the time specified for the close of tenders. Tenders must be addressed with the tender number, and posted to:

Mid-Western Regional Council
PO Box 156


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact at Council?

All questions and enquiries with regard to tenders should be directed to Council via VendorPanel. This permits us to provide an answer in writing and maintain transparency by sharing the response with other tenderers.

For general procurement enquiries or concerns, please contact Council’s Procurement Team via email:

Can I lobby Councillors and staff?

No. Such actions may result in disqualification from the tender process.

Do I need an ABN?

All individuals and organisations lodging tenders with Council must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and must be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST). All tenderers must quote their ABN.

Do I have to offer responses to all of the questions asked in the tender?

Tenderers who do not respond to all of the tender selection criteria or fail to answer all questions may be disadvantaged in the tender assessment process.

What is a non-conforming tender?

A non-conforming tender is one which either does not meet the terms and conditions of the tender, or fails to offer the goods and services specified. A non-conforming tender can be rejected for those reasons.

What if the tenderer cannot meet the tender closing deadline?

If a tenderer cannot meet the closing time and date for lodgement of the tender, a tenderer may seek an extension in writing (before the deadline). If this is granted, it will be extended to all tenderers. Late tenders will not be considered.

Can a tenderer collude with other tenderers?

Tender collusion is prohibited and collusive tenders will be disqualified from the tender process.

Is there an opportunity to negotiate after tenders have closed?

There is no opportunity to negotiate after tenders have closed for the unsuccessful tenderers. Council reserves the right to negotiate with the successful tenderer on minor aspects of the tender proposal.