Liquid trade waste

Liquid Trade Waste - Business Permits
Council regulates sewerage and trade waste discharges to its sewerage system via a dedicated monitoring and enforcement process as well as the levying of commercial sewerage and liquid trade waste fees and charges.

The proper control of liquid trade waste helps to protect public health, worker safety, the environment, and Council’s sewerage system, as well as reducing waste and aiding in water conservation, water recycling and biosolids reuse.

Further details are outlined in Council's Liquid Trade Waste Policy

What is liquid trade waste?

Liquid trade waste means all liquid waste produced from a business, commercial or industrial activity other than sewage of a domestic nature (i.e. liquid waste from toilet, hand wash basin, shower and bath wastes). Specific activities that have been identified as liquid trade waste include, but are not limited to:

  • Business/commercial premises (e.g. beautician, florist, hairdresser, hotel, motel, restaurant, butcher, service station, supermarket, dentist)
  • Community/public premises (including craft club, school, hospital and nursing home)
  • Industrial premises
  • Saleyards, racecourses, stables and kennels not associated with domestic households
Sewerage systems are generally designed for waste from domestic sources that are of a predictable strength and quality. Liquid trade waste places much greater demands on Council’s sewerage system and can impact on the public, the environment and the sewerage system if not managed properly. For example, grease, oil and solids can build up causing blockages and sewer overflows; and strong wastes can cause corrosion of the sewerage system or produce offensive odours to the public.

Do fees and charges apply?

Fees and charges apply to all businesses that have been identified as producing liquid trade waste.

All commercial properties in the Mid-Western Region have been identified and classified as a Category 1, 2 or 3  property according to the type of waste being discharged. This has been classified by Council based on current records and information available. A person wishing to discharge liquid trade waste to the sewerage system must, under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993, obtain prior approval from Council. Discharging liquid trade waste without an approval is an offence under Section 626 of the Act