Ordering plaques and monuments

All plaques for Mid-Western Region Cemeteries must be ordered via Council. Restrictions apply to shape and size of each plaque. 

Mudgee Cemetery

There a number of factors to consider when ordering a plaque, including: 


The plaque sizes vary depending on the location, the sizes include:

  • Lawn Section: Single Plaque – 229mm x 165mm / Dual Plaque: 450mm x 165mm
  • Detachable Plaque for Dual Plaque – 450mm x 165mm
  • Memorial Wall (Mudgee & Gulgong) – 152mm x 127mm
  • Memorial Wall (Rylstone Small Niche) – 145mm x 120mm
  • Memorial Wall (Rylstone 2018 Riche Wall) – 185m x 155mm

Wording and font

Wording on plaques may be completed in either CAPITALS or Upper and Lower Case – However it is not normally recommended to use both. CAPITALS tend to be the preferred option due to ease of reading and less issues with grammar.

A variety of fonts can be selected for the plaque. View examples here.

Motifs, colours and badges

A plaque can be made unique and personal with the placement of a motif. Motifs can be personal hobbies, interests, sports, family heritage, professions eg. builder, farmer, artist or a general floral or bushland scene etc. View examples here

The standard colour for the plaque background is 'Phoenix Brown' although there are other options that may be selected with approval. View examples here.

Military badging can be included on the plaque with permission. Council can seek this permission on behalf of the customer. The service number, NX and R numbers can be placed underneath the badge after approval has been received.


When choosing a photo, the preferred size is 5x7cm for a single person in the photo. Larger or smaller photo sizes can be used to suit the space and design of the plaque.

In most cases the position of the photo is normal best suited to either the top left or right corner of the plaque. Good pixilation must be ensured to not sacrifice quality. 


A variety of vases are available for the memorial walls section of the cemetery. View examples here.  

Dual Plaques

A dual plaque can be designed without detachable plates if both persons are deceased. By not having the detachable plates it allows for more room and motif options, as well having a photo of the couple that can be placed in the middle.

A dual plaque with detachable plates must be used when designing for one person whom has passed and for a future interment. Plaques cannot have names of people whom are not yet passed. In this case note that the back plate must be completed as if it was the final plaque, this needs to include wording, photos and both motifs.


Council staff will affix plaques every second Friday, weather dependent. Any requests outside of this schedule requires approval from Council.


The following information can be helpful in putting together your request:


Complete a plaque request online

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