Public forums

Members of the public can address Council at the Public Forum before each regular monthly meeting, commencing at 5:30pm.

Speakers are given five minutes to present any issue of relevance to the Council. Presenters are not permitted to direct questions to Councillors, although Councillors may question the speakers.

Register to speak

Step 1.Identify your topic

Speakers must identify the topic they wish to speak on and, if the topic is listed as a matter of business on the meeting agenda, the speaker must advise whether they wish to speak 'for' or 'against' it.

Please note: In accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice, no more than four speakers are to be permitted to speak on the same topic.

Step 2.Get in touch

If you wish to speak at the public forum, please contact the Executive Assistant to the Mayor and General Manager on 6378 2850 by 4pm on the day before the meeting to register.