Cemetery services

Council provides a range of services and maintenance with regard to cemeteries within the region.

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General cemetery information

Council responsibilities

  1. Council will maintain the lawn areas, trees and vegetation, roadways and paths adjacent and within the monumental sections.
  2. Council will maintain all lawn and garden areas, including shrubs and plants.
  3. Only Council staff can install plaques in the Lawn Cemetery.
  4. Council will provide in ground vases at the lawn cemetery only, upon request (one per plot).

Your responsibilities

  1. In the monumental section, no plaque, vase or ornaments are permitted outside the beam area.
  2. Grave ornaments will be limited to two (2) per site with a maximum height of 30cm. These ornaments cannot be fixed, should be within the designated area and should not encroach onto adjacent gravesites.
  3. Any flowers are to be left in the plastic vase provide by Council, however may be removed by Council staff if they have deteriorated.
  4. General public are not permitted to plant or remove flowers, shrubs or trees in the Lawn Cemetery or garden areas.
  5. No monuments or displays can be erected in the Lawn Cemetery.
  6. No ornaments, vases are to be fixed or placed onto the concrete kerbing or left in the garden beds. 

Ordering plaques and monuments

  1. Plaques must be ordered from Council, either directly or with assistance from a funeral director.
  2. When you are ready to arrange a plaque please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 6378 2850, who will assist you to order a plaque to your requirements, or complete the online form
  3. Monuments (General Cemetery) can be ordered through your preferred Funeral Director or from a registered Monumental Mason. In some cases Council will permit a monument to be made by the family as long as it meets Council policy outlines.


Frequently asked questions

Grave sites

Please contact Council's Customer Service Centre or 6378 2850 for any enquiries with regard to grave sites and locations. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible including name with correct spelling, date of death and where the burial site may be, if possible, to assist Council staff with your enquiry.


Please contact your preferred funeral director to organise all funeral arrangements.

Burials, reservations and monuments

For information relating to burials, reservations, monuments, interment of ashes, please refer to Council's Cemeteries Policy, or contact Council's Customer Centre Centre on 6378 2850.

Cemetery Reservation Form

For further information please refer to Council's Cemeteries Policy