Community Transport

Mudgee Community Transport is a service for eligible seniors, pensioners, those with accessibility needs or those who have limited access to public transport. If you need transport to medical appointments or someone to help you with errands, you may be eligible for community transport services. The service is especially designed to help you get to medical appointments, participate in social activities, do your shopping and maintain independent living at home.

Mudgee Community Transport is auspiced by Council and funded by Transport for New South Wales (including funding under the Commonwealth Home Support Program and funds for health related transport).

What does it cost?

Fees associated with Mudgee Community Transport are based on the distance travelled. To maximise resources, more than one client may be assigned per vehicle. When this occurs, the client charge is reduced. If you experience difficulty paying for your travel, please let the team know and payment arrangements may be made.

Full list of charges.  

Who is eligible?

The frail aged, the disabled and their carers, as well as those in the community at a disadvantage because of limited public transport services.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants and Department of Veterans Affairs cardholders may also be eligible for specific transport services, as well as the general public on a full cost recovery basis.

Can children use the service?

Any children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of travel. If you are travelling with a young child, please be aware that you will need to provide (and know how to fit) a child restraint suitable for the child’s size and in compliance with NSW Transport Roads and Maritime Services guidelines.

Travel times

Transport is always undertaken in daylight hours wherever possible.


If you’d like to become a volunteer driver Expressions of Interest can be lodged with Mudgee Community Transport at the Carmel Croan Community Centre on the corner of Market and Douro Streets or by calling 6378 2710