About your rates

Rates and charges are levied on land within the Mid-Western Regional Council area. Income that Council receives from rates (and other sources) provides funding for a broad range of essential services for the local community.

Services include maintenance of roads and bridges, parks and reserves, car parking, footpaths and cycle ways, water supply and sewerage, management of libraries, cemeteries, swimming pools, Mudgee Airport, community services and economic development.

When to pay your rates

The Local Government Act 1993 makes provision for payment of rates by quarterly instalment amounts.

Rates notice schedule (annual)

Notice 1  31 August 
Notice 2 30 November
Notice 3 28 February
Notice 4 31 May

If you elect to pay by quarterly instalment amounts, individual notices will be issued at least one month prior to these dates (Section 562 Local Government Act, 1993). Should you wish to pay in full, payment must be received by the due date of the first instalment. If you pay your rates by an instalment or annual direct debit the amount due will be deducted from your nominated bank account on the due dates above. 

Interest charges

Interest charges will accrue on a daily basis on quarterly rate accounts which are not paid by the due dates (Section 566 Local Government Act, 1993). Under certain circumstances, Council may consider writing off interest charges.

Applications for consideration must be made in writing (Section 567 Local Government Act, 1993).

The interest percentage will be shown on the front of your rates and charges Notice.

Payment difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rates, please contact Council immediately to discuss payment options and/or enter into an arrangement to make periodic payments in accordance with Council's Debt Management and Recovery Policy.

Please note interest charges will however still apply. These enquiries are treated confidentially and will help prevent costly legal action for recovery of rates.

T: 02 6378 2850
E: council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au

Hardship Assistance Application Form(PDF, 269KB)

Rate exemptions

Certain lands are exempt from rates, e.g., vacant Crown Lands, parcels of land within a National Park and land that belongs, for example, to a religious body or school. Details about exemptions can be provided by Council (Sections 555, 556, 557 and 558 Local Government Act, 1993).

Unless you meet the exemption criteria outlined in the Local Government Act, you cannot be exempt from paying rates.

Within 30 days of the service of a rate notice, a person may apply to have the property declared non-rateable by the Land and Environment Court (Section 574 Local Government Act, 1993).

Postponed rates

Council may postpone part of the rates where a property is capable of subdivision or is in a commercial zone and is used as a single dwelling house (Sections 585, 591 Local Government Act, 1993).

To apply for postponement of rates and charges please submit a written request to Council.

Download the Application Form(PDF, 178KB)

T: 6378 2850
E: council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au

Past payments

To request rates notices from previous years and payment history, please get in touch with Council with details of the requested period.

T: 6378 2850
E: council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au

Further information

Requests for clarification on matters referred to above and any other rating enquiry should be directed by telephone or in person to one of Council's Customer Service Centres in Gulgong, Mudgee or Rylstone.

Council Customer Service Centres

Mudgee 86 Market St
Gulgong 109 Herbert St
Rylstone 77 Louee St

T: 6378 2850
E: council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au