Mudgee Airport

The Mudgee Airport is a vital infrastructure asset for the Mid-Western Region. It is important that this asset be maintained and developed as a modern regional airport that has the capability of attracting new aviation businesses to the area.

Fly Pelican commenced passenger operations in June 2015 with return flights to Sydney.  To book flights, please visit:

The main statistics of the Mudgee Airport are:

  • It is a security controlled airport.
  • Location 5 km north east of Mudgee CBD.
  • Aerodrome land area – 95 ha.
  • Main sealed runway length (Code 3C) – 1,739 m.
  • Secondary grass runway length (Code 2C) – 1,075 m.
  • Navigation Aids – Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) and very high frequency omni range (VOR).
  • Private aircraft parking area available.
  • AVGas & JetA1 fuel is available

Terminal Building

  • Modern refurbished terminal with comfortable lounge area and self-serve coffee and tea
  • Secure baggage handling facilities and passenger amenities
  • Conference room available for hire