Asbestos disposal


Residential loads (of up to 10m²) of waste containing or potentially containing harmful asbestos can be safely disposed of at Mudgee Waste Facility for FREE. Bookings must be made no later than 24 hours prior to disposal date.

Transport vehicles must ensure asbestos waste is correctly wrapped to ensure no asbestos fibres can escape and is properly secured. Appropriate clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment must be worn. 

Bonded asbestos greater than 10m² and/or all friable asbestos can only be removed by a licensed contractor. NSW WasteLocate must be used – visit for more information.

To protect facility workers and visitors to the facility there are strict requirements on unloading of asbestos including no tipping and skidding of loads. 

How to dispose of your asbestos

Step 1.Call to book

Call the Mudgee Waste Facility on 6378 2770 to book your asbestos disposal (at least 24 hours notice must be given).

Step 2.Download and complete the application form

Asbestos Waste Disposal Application(PDF, 867KB)

Complete all details within section 5 and section 6, read and understand sections 1-8 and sign.

Scan and email your completed form to, or take the physical completed form with you to your confirmed disposal appointment.

Alternatively, complete the form in person at Mudgee Waste Facility. Please allow enough time to complete form before disposal date and time.

Step 3.Dispose of your asbestos at Mudgee Waste Facility

Please ensure vehicle/s are suitable, material is wrapped as per the guidelines within the Asbestos Disposal Form and suitable protective wear is worn. 

Please follow the instructions of Waste Management staff.