New Council website improving service to the community

Published on 07 December 2021


Residents may notice a welcome change when they visit Council’s website today with the launch of an all new and improved site.

The new website has been in development this year following overwhelming feedback from the community asking for improved access to information and mobile responsiveness.

Community and staff have been testing a micro version of the site for the past four months with the full site in all its entirety scheduled to go live after lunchtime today.

Council’s General Manager Brad Cam said there is an extensive list of benefits to the new site.

“More than just a streamlined look, our new website is entirely mobile responsive, meaning you can access anywhere anytime from your mobile,” Mr Cam said.

“More services than ever are available, forms can be completed online without having to go into a Customer Service Centre, payments and transactions can be made and more services will come online as the site continues to evolve.

“All of the content on Council’s old site has been integrated with even more information available for the community and is easier to find than ever before with a state of the art search tool ensuring residents will find the exact page they’re looking for every time.

“We have heard the community’s call for improvements to the website and I am confident we’ve delivered in this new site.” 

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