Local business support

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Mid-Western Regional Council recognises the importance of local business in the region and the economic and employment benefits businesses bring to the community.

Council is focused on supporting local business, the local economy and creating as many opportunities for new and existing businesses as possible.

Council supports local businesses by:

Providing access to available data and information

  • Council publishes an Economic and Business Profile(PDF, 3MB) and supporting Update(PDF, 468KB) which provides an overview of relevant economic and business data. This is useful for new and existing businesses to understand the local economic environment.
  • Council accesses the REMPLAN Economy suite, which supports business strategy, funding submissions, regional marketing, investment attraction, and is used to analyse and benchmark industries and businesses that form the local economy. Local businesses and the public can access the free version of REMPLAN Economy here.
  • Council’s Economic Development team collate a range of data to be used for business purposes. For any specific questions regarding data and statistics, contact Council on 6378 2850

Providing access to entrepreneurial events

  • Council hosts the annual Central West Entrepreneurs Summit  which provides the opportunity for attendees to learn from some of the nation's most successful entrepreneurs. The Summit is an informative entrepreneurial event that aims to mentor, encourage and inspire driven professionals in any stage of their career.

Publishing business e-Newsletters

Council publishes the quarterly ‘Doing Business in the Mid-Western Region’ e-Newsletter which includes:

  • Latest statistics
  • Funding opportunities
  • Business events
  • Training opportunities

Promoting the Mid-Western Region as a great place to do business

  • Under the ‘Invest’ segment of the Choose Mudgee Region initiative, Council conducts various marketing campaigns around NSW each year to promote the region as a great place to do business.


Council's Economic Development team works with new and existing business organisations to identify opportunities, open avenues of communication and facilitate growth throughout the region.

If you wish to discuss your new or existing business ideas and activities with a member of Council's Economic Development team, please phone 6378 2850.