Council Meetings

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Schedule of Meetings 2020

JANUARY Extraordinary meeting (31 January)
FEBRUARY Ordinary meeting (19 Feb)
MARCH Ordinary meeting (18 Mar)
APRIL Ordinary meeting (15 Apr)
MAY Ordinary meeting (20 May)

Ordinary meeting (17 June)

Extaordinary Meeting (30 June 2020)

JULY Ordinary meeting (15 July)
AUGUST Ordinary meeting (19 August)

Ordinary meeting (7 October)

Ordinary meeting (21 October)

NOVEMBER Ordinary meeting (18 November)
DECEMBER Ordinary meeting (16 December)

Previous Years

 Note: For copies of Council papers prior to 2011, please contact Council on (02) 6378 2850.

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The Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Council Chambers, 86 Market Street Mudgee commencing from 5.30pm (except January when there are no Council meetings).

Occasionally Council holds Extraordinary meetings. These are Council meetings held outside the normal meeting cycle, most often to consider matters of an urgent nature.

Council also has Advisory Committees consisting of Councillors, members of the public and staff of the Council. These committees focus on specific areas of expertise and make recommendations for consideration by the Council.

Public Forum

The public forum commences at 5.30pm, prior to each ordinary meeting of the Council for the purpose of hearing verbal submissions from members of the community on items of business to be considered at the meeting. Public forums may also be held prior to Extraordinary Council meetings.

To speak at a public forum, a person must first make an application to the Council by contacting the General Managers office on 6378 2850 by 4pm on the day before the date on which the public forum is to be held. The item of business on the agenda of the Council meeting that the person wishes to speak on must be identified, and whether they wish to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ the item.

The General Manager or their delegate may refuse an application to speak at a public forum. The General Manager or their delegate must give reasons in writing for a decision to refuse an application.

If approved to speak at the public forum, any equipment, written, visual or audio material to be presented in support of their address to the Council must be made available to the General Manager’s office by 4pm on the day before the date on which the public forum is to be held. The General Manager or their delegate may refuse to allow such material to be presented.

A person may apply to speak on no more than two items of business on the agenda of the Council meeting.

The General Manager or their delegate is to determine the order of speakers at the public forum.

For more information please refer to Part 4: Public Forums in the Code of Meeting Practice 2018 (PDF 596Kb)
Adopted: C/M 19 June 2019 Min. No 179/19