Nine Councillors elected by the community make up Mid-Western Regional Council. The Mayor is elected annually by the Councillors, pursuant to the Local Government Act, Section 282(2)

 Councillors annual disclosures of interests and other matters are available at the bottom of this page

Des Kennedy
Mayor Des Kennedy

c/- Mid-Western Regional Council
PO Box 156
Mudgee  NSW  2850

P: 02 6378 2850
F: 02 6378 2804


 Sam Paine.jpg
 Deputy Mayor Sam Paine

C/- Mid-Western Regional Council
Mudgee  NSW  2850

M: 0431 208 646 E:




 Paul preferred.jpg
 Councillor Paul Cavalier

PO Box 1213
Mudgee  NSW  2850

M: 0403 995 533

Russell Holden
 Councillor Russell Holden

PO Box 786
Mudgee  NSW  2850

M: 0422 219 911

Alex Karavas
 Councillor Alex Karavas

34 Spring Road
Mudgee  NSW  2850

M: 0428 670 905

Esme Martens
 Councillor Esme Martens

'Morven Park'
6216 Castlereagh Highway
Running Stream  NSW  2850

P: 02 6358 8237
F: 02 6358 8232

John O'Neill
 Councillor John O'Neill

C/- Mid-Western Regional Council
Mudgee  NSW  2850

M: 0427 662 486

Peter Shelley
 Councillor Peter Shelley

c/- Rylstone Newsagency
78 Louee Street
Rylstone  NSW  2849

M: 0403 156 405

Percy Thompson
 Councillor Percy Thompson

325 Mebul Road
Mebul  NSW  2852

P: 02 6374 0226
M: 0428 740 226
F: 02 6374 0344


For the Councillors 2019/20 Disclosures of pecuniary interest and other matters

-         Disclosures in accordance with section 4.21 of the Code of Conduct.

Please click here (PDF 13Mb) for Disclosure

Lobbying Councillors

For information on lobbying your local Councillors, please refer to the attached brochure entitled Lobbying Local Government Councillors.

This brochure has been produced to inform councillors, the community and other interested stakeholders about what the ICAC considers to be best practice in the area of lobbying.

To download a copy of the brochure, click here (220kb) (PDF 222Kb).

Register of Donations & Expenditure Declarations

Section 328A of the Local Government Act, 1993 which comes into effect from 1 September 2008 provides that Council must keep a public register of all current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by councillors with the Election Funding Authority. The Department of Local Government has advised that to ensure persons receive consistent information, any enquiries regarding disclosure of political donations and electoral legislation generally should be directed to the Election Funding Authority.

See link

Alternately, the Election Funding Authoritiy may be contacted by telephone on 1300 135 736.