Development Application Tracking / Exhibition

Development Application Tracking

You can search using a variety of categories, including street address, legal description, date range, Development Application Number, or development description.

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Development Applications on Exhibition

Some development applications are placed on public exhibition before they are determined by Council.
Click the link below to locate DAs currently on exhibition.

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Making a Submission

Anyone is entitled to formally support or oppose a DA (or elements of the DA) through a submission. Council considers all submissions received, but they must be made in writing, and be addressed to the General Manager.

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Development Application Process

For an explanation of any of the stages below please CLICK HERE

DA Tracking flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions on the DA Process

  • How long will it take to process my Application?
  • Will my Application be notified?
  • How do I make enquiries about my Application?
  • Who determines the Application?
  • What is a Notice of Determination?