Local Government Elections 2024


Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday, 14 September from 8am to 6pm.

Nine Councillors elected by the community will make up Mid-Western Regional Council.

These Councillors determine the direction of the organisation for the next term. The operational management is led by the General Manager, and supported by four directors responsible for Operations, Development, Community and Corporate Services.

 A Mayor is elected by Councillors at the first meeting of the new Council, scheduled for Wednesday, 9 October.

Pre-poll voting opens on Saturday, 7 September and will close on Friday, 13 September. 

Voting is compulsory. All election information including your enrolment, nearest polling location and local candidate information is available via the NSW Electoral Commission.

Candidate Information Sessions

Council will be hosting two Candidate Information Sessions ahead of Local Government Elections on Saturday, 14 September. To register for either of the following sessions please use the below form. 

Session  Date Time Location 
Session 1 Wednesday, 12 June 2024 5.30pm Council Chambers 
86 Market Street Mudgee
Session 2 Thursday, 13 June 2024 9.00am  Council Chambers
86 Market Street Mudgee

What are the key dates?

Nomination period opens  5 August 

Nomination period closes 14 August (12 noon)

Pre-poll voting opens 7 September 

Postal voting applications close 9 September 

Pre-poll voting closes 13 September (6pm)

Election day 14 September (8am-6pm)


Do I need to vote?

Yes, voting is compulsory. 

How can I nominate?

To nominate yourself please visit the NSW Electoral Commission.

Who are the candidates for the Mid-Western Region?

A list of candidates is available on the NSW Electoral Commission.

Non-residential roll application

You are eligible to vote in the Mid-Western Regional Council (MWRC) area as a non-resident if:

  • You are the owner of rateable land in the MWRC Local Government Area
  • You are a rate paying lessee in the MWRC Local Government Area

Further information can be found at Non-residential enrolment for local government election - NSW Electoral Commission

Applications must be received by 6pm Monday 5 August 2024. All applications will be verified by Council’s General Manager and provided to the NSW Electoral Commission for inclusion on the roll. To submit an application please email council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au

Non Residential Roll Application Individual(PDF, 192KB)
Non Residential Roll Application Group(PDF, 150KB)