Meeting Items


5. Mayoral Minute
5.1 Nil
6. Notices of Motion or Rescission
6.1 Rural Roads Inspection for Councillors(PDF, 140KB)
7. Office of the General Manager
7.1 MRT Quarterly Report: January to March 2021(PDF, 2MB)
8. Development
8.1 DA0204/2021 - Function Centre, Amenities Building and Change of Use to Bed and Breakfast Accommodation - 345 Spring Flat Road, Spring Flat(PDF, 629KB)  
8.2 Planning Proposal Lot 39 DP 756870, 686 Queens Pinch Road, Mullamuddy(PDF, 659KB)
8.3 Events Assistance Applications(PDF, 201KB)
8.4 Adverse Event Plan(PDF, 2MB)
8.5 Acceptance of Grant Funding - Regional Events Acceleration Fund(PDF, 181KB)
8.6 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined(PDF, 2MB)
9. Finance
9.1 Classification of Land - 68-72 Carwell Street Rylstone(PDF, 1007KB)
9.2 Classification of Land - 15 Carwell Street Rylstone(PDF, 639KB)
9.3 Quarterly Budget Review Statement March 2021(PDF, 183KB)
9.4 Monthly Statement of investments as at 30 April 2021(PDF, 776KB)
9.5 Monthly Budget Review - April 2021(PDF, 2MB)
9.6 Plan of Management for Mudgee Common(PDF, 241KB)
9.7 Community Grants Program - May 2021(PDF, 2MB)
9.8 Policy Review - Hardship Provision Rates and Charges(PDF, 787KB)
10. Operations
10.1 Grant Funding - Fixing Country Bridges - Goodiman Creek bridge Spring Ridge Road(PDF, 181KB)
10.2 Acceptance of Fixing Local Roads Round 2 funding for Lower Piambong Road, Botobolar Road ad coxs Creek Road seal extensions(PDF, 184KB)
10.3 Lifting of Water Restrictions(PDF, 305KB)
11. Community
11.1 Rylstone Caravan Park Master Plan(PDF, 488KB)
11.2  Glen Willow Stage 2 Update(PDF, 1MB)
11.3 Art Gallery & Cultural Precinct Project Update(PDF, 1MB)
11.4 Mudgee Fine Foods Inc. - Robertson Park Farmers Markets(PDF, 592KB)
11.5 Delegations and Authorisations Policy(PDF, 614KB)
11.6 Draft Flirtation Hill Mudgee Masterplan for Public Exhibition(PDF, 175KB)
11.7 Acceptance of Grant Funding for the Mudgee Showground(PDF, 421KB)
11.8 Request for repairs to Blackmans Vault(PDF, 377KB)
12. Reports to Committees
12.1 Gulgong Sports Council Meeting Minutes 9 March 2021(PDF, 305KB)
12.2 Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee 9 February 2021 & 9 March 2021(PDF, 703KB)
12.3 Red Hill Committee 11 March 2021(PDF, 637KB)
12.4 Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes - April 2021(PDF, 1MB)
14.1 Update JLTA Class Action NSW Supreme Court
14.2 FlyPelican Regional Service Subsidy