Council has put together comprehensive information to assist new and existing businesses and other economic stakeholders.  The following information is available. 

Recent Publications

Business and Economic Profile

The Business and Economic Profile provides an overview of relevant economic and business data which is useful for new and existing businesses to understand the local economic environment. A copy of the booklet can be downloaded here (PDF 2Mb).

Economic and Business Profile Statistics 2021 Update

The following profile is an attachment to the Economic and Business Profile with updated key statistics as at June 2021. Download the 2021 Update here (PDF 511Kb).

Mid-Western Regional Council - Local Services Assessment

The Mid-Western Regional Council - Local Services Assessment was conducted in 2012. The report provides a detailed overview of the local infrastructure and services provision in the Mid-Western Regional LGA, including analysis of the impact of ongoing mining activity on infrastructure and services.  A copy of the report can be downloaded here (PDF 4Mb).