Meeting Items


5. Mayoral Minute
5.1 Nil
6 Notices of Motion or Rescission
6.1 Unmaintained and Unformed Roads Policy Review(PDF, 178KB)
6.2 Rylstone Showground Lighting(PDF, 158KB)
6.3 Land for Abattoir(PDF, 138KB)
7. Office of the General Manager
7.1 Nil
8. Development
8.1 DA0203/2021-Hotel or Motel Accommodation-38 Perry Street and 82 Gladstone Street, Mudgee(PDF, 472KB)  
8.2 DA0271/2021-Change of Use-Yoga Studio to Shop-15-17 Byron Place, Mudgee(PDF, 494KB)
8.3 Review of DCP Open Space Requirements(PDF, 180KB)
8.4 Acceptance of Grant Funding-Regional NSW Planning Portal Grants(PDF, 183KB)
8.5 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined(PDF, 2MB)
9. Finance
9.1 RFT 2020/78 Billy Dunn Amenities Building(PDF, 263KB)
9.2 Land Purchase of part Lot 35 DP859542 & part Lot 6 DP265664 for road realignment-Putta Bucca Road, Putta Bucca NSW(PDF, 183KB)
9.3 Naming of new streets in a Subdivision off Fairydale Lane, Mudgee(PDF, 2MB)
9.4 Community Grants Program - April 2021(PDF, 291KB)
9.5 Revised Delivery Program 2017/22 and Draft Operational Plan 2021/22(PDF, 190KB)
9.6 Reverse Auction for Supply of Electricity to Contestable Sites and Street Lighting(PDF, 177KB)
9.7 Service Provider Management Policy Review(PDF, 2MB)
9.8 Asset Disposal Policy Review(PDF, 672KB)
9.9 Monthly Statement of Investments as at 31 March 2021(PDF, 783KB)
9.10 Monthly Budget Review - March 2021(PDF, 2MB)
9.11 Financial Assistance - AREC(PDF, 272KB)
10. Operations
10.1 Drinking Water Quality Policy(PDF, 392KB)
10.2 Mudgee STP - Emergency Works(PDF, 187KB)
10.3 Land Purchase for Road Reserve - part Lot 1581 DP803795 Hill End Road, Tambaroora(PDF, 186KB)
10.4 Land Purchase for Road Reserve - Part Lot 10 DP252743, 5874 Hill End Road, Tambaroora(PDF, 183KB)
10.5 Munghorn Gap National Park Land Revocation and Land Purchase for Minister's Acquisition of Compensatory Land(PDF, 221KB)
11. Community
11.1 Procurement of the Mudgee Valley Park Amenities Building(PDF, 177KB)
11.2  Acceptance of Grant Funding - Create NSW Local Government Authority Arts & Cultural Funding(PDF, 210KB)
11.3 Mudgee Region Gallery Branding Update(PDF, 175KB)
11.4 Purchase of 70 Court Street Mudgee - Update(PDF, 178KB)
11.5 Mudgee Sports Council Fees(PDF, 176KB)
12. Reports to Committees
12.1 Audit Risk and Improvement Committee Minutes 12 February 2021(PDF, 496KB)
12.2 Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes - March 2021(PDF, 1MB)
12.3 Mudgee Sports Council Meeting Minutes 22 March 2021(PDF, 176KB)
12.4 Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes - February 2021(PDF, 1MB)
14.1 FlyPelican Regional Service Subsidy
14.2 Mudgee Airport Development