Rural Water Filling Stations

Rural Water Fill Stations upgrade

To improve emergency water access for rural residents, Council has upgraded the Rural Water Filling Stations in Mudgee, Gulgong and Rylstone. Due to be completed soon, these new filling stations will provide more ensured emergency potable water access for rural residents, faster flow rates and reduced fill times. The new Water Fill Stations have an outlet of either 25mm (per existing) or a larger outlet of 50mm for higher flow rates.

Access to the Water Fill Stations is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, once registered. The upgraded Water Fill Stations will be operated via the use of a registered email address on a smart phone Application. Council is encouraging residents to use the smart phone App for access. For those who prefer a manual method, a swipe card can be issued via Council’s Customer Service Centres.

In addition, customers may have the benefit of being able to monitor their water usage via a personalised login to Smart City Control


With respect to the evolving COVID-19 situation in the Mid-Western Region, Council advises that the collection of swipe cards from our offices is not possible. Swipe cards will be posted out upon request only, until the situation eases. Once Council offices re-open, swipe cards will again be issued at the front counter.

Registration required

From 16 August 2021, rural residents will only be able to access the Water Fill Stations by registering with Council. After registration, access will be activated via the Smart City Control App. For users without email (or preferring a manual method), a swipe card will be available to pick up from Council’s Customer Service Centres.

This registration process ensures emergency water supply is only accessed by rural residents of the Mid-Western Region.

How to Register

Registration is free to rural residents. Simply fill in the form below, and allow 10 business days for registration to be completed.


  • 1. How much water can I access per day?
  • 2. Can this water be used for stock?
  • 3. Is there a charge to use this water?
  • 4. Can the water be used by commercial suppliers?
  • 5. How are customers with no email notified when their swipe card is ready to collect?
  • 6. Why are the rural waterfill stations changing?
  • 7. Is there a limit to how many people can register from one household?
  • 8. Can you have one account with multiple cards? (eg husband, wife, teenaged child)
  • 9. Who can collect water from the fill stations?
  • 10. What connections will be needed to be able to connect to the fill stations?
  • 11. Where are the rural water fill stations located?
  • 12. I don't have a smart phone – how will I be able to access the rural water fill stations?
  • 13. What information is required to register?
  • 14. What do I do if the app or water fill station is not working?
  • 15. Can I access the water usage data, even if I don't use the app to use the water fill station?
  • 16. What happens if I have lost my password?
  • 17. What app do I need to access on my smartphone?
  • 18. How do I use my swipe card?