Sewer Services

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Mid-Western Regional Council’s sewerage schemes have Environment Protection Licences regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). As a licensee, Mid-Western Regional Council is required to prepare a PIRMP and to make the Plan publicly available (Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011).
To view the Pollution Incident Response Management Plans, please see below:

PIRMP - Mudgee STP and Sewerage System 2021 (PDF 1Mb)

PIRMP Rylstone Sewer Systems V1.4 (PDF 999Kb)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan Kandos Sewer System (PDF 1Mb)

Pollution Incident Response Managment Plan - Gulgong V1.4 (PDF 1Mb)


To view the sampling locations on Cudgegong River and test results following pipeline failure at Mudgee STP on 24th March 2021, please see below:

Cudgegong River - Sample Locations (PDF 569Kb)

Sampling Results - Mudgee STP Pipeline Failure 24 March 2021 (PDF 138Kb)


Sewer Treatment Environmental Monitoring Results

Click here to view the environmental monitoring results


Waste Water

The focus of this activity is to provide highly efficient and effective sewerage systems that collect, treat and dispose of sewerage in an environmentally friendly manner. The treatment of sewer and all other wastewater in the community is vital to ensuring that Council has a good clean and healthy environment.  Council will continue to upgrade the sewer schemes to the highest standard that is affordable to the community and that will meet equivalent high environmental standards. More.......

Bin Collection

For information on when your general waste and recycling will be collected, please click here.