Request for Refund or Transfer

To request the refund or transfer of funds from your water, rates or debtor account, please complete and submit either the PDF or Eform below. Minimum processing period for refunds is 7 - 10 working days from submission.

Request for Refund or Transfer of Funds Form

Terms and Conditions

Privacy & personal information declaration

This form is for the assessment of eligibility for the transferring and refund of funds due to overpayment of Rates,Water and Debtor charges. The intended recipients of this form are relevant Council staff and approved contractors of Mid-Western Regional Council. The supply of this information is voluntary, however a completed application is required in order to process the requested refund. Please contact Mid-Western Regional Council to access or correct this information.

Terms and Conditions

Available Credit

Council cannot issue a refund unless there is an available credit on the property account or in the event that there has been a payment misallocation on Councils behalf.

Correct Information

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all information provided on this from is correct and the bank account details are accurate and can receive the refund amount.

Settlement Overpayments

In the event of settlements or managing agent overpayment it is the responsibility of the owner and the third party to ensure that there is not a double payment as it is at Councils discretion to refund monies due to payee errors.

Payment to Wrong Property

If a payment was made to the wrong property DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM, please provide a written request with verification of incorrect payment to and provide the following details: Name, Address, Phone Number and details of property payment was intended for.

Disputed Payments

If the applicant is in the process of disputing this payment with their Bank or Financial Institution DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM. Mid-Western Regional Council cannot take action while the payment is under dispute.The applicant must refer the matter to their Bank or Financial Institution.