Biosecurity - Weeds

The Biosecurity Act 2015 came into effect 1 July 2017 and repeals the Noxious Weeds Act 1993. It provides the opportunity to streamline and modernise the way weeds are managed in NSW.

Mid Western Regional Council is the Local Control Authority responsible for administering the Biosecurity Act 2015 in a region which covers approximately 900,000 hectares.

Weeds are a threat to the natural environment and the agriculture industry, with the financial impact on farming in NSW alone, in the vicinity of 600 million dollars per year. It is important that all members of the community play their part in the control of Biosecurity Matter (Weeds).

Council's goal is to:

  • Raise awareness of the problem of invasive weeds in our community
  • Encourage the establishment and maintenance of effective weed control programs
  • Prevent the establishment of new weed species in our region
  • Reduce the impact of widespread invasive weed species

These goals align with the NSW Invasive Species Plan and the Central Tablelands Regional Strategic Management Plan (PDF 2Mb)


Serrated Tussock Management Program 2020

Serrated Tussock is one of the most problematic weeds within the Mid-Western Regional Local Government Area. Council's Weeds department is committed to controlling and educating the community on how to control Serrated Tussock effectively.

Management is not only important for property owners, but also their neighbouring properties. Council aims to inspect infested areas over the coming months and discuss management plans to land owners/occupiers, with a view to controlling this priority weed.

Serrated Tussock: Similar in appearance to some native grasses

Image credit: NSW DPI


Serrated Tussock plant

 Serrated Tussock


  Spiny Burgrass

Spiny Burgrass