Mudgee Floodplain Management Study Plan


Bewsher Consulting was commissioned by Mudgee Council on 16th July 1998 to undertake a floodplain management study and plan for the town of Mudgee and its rural surrounds.

Mudgee is located on the banks of the Cudgegong River. The majority of the town is located on relatively high ground on the southern side of the River, with little or no risk of flooding. Other parts of the town, especially to the north of the River and rural land upstream and downstram of the town, are located on teh lower lying land that is at risk of flooding. A number of floods have occurred in the past, with the largest floods recorded in 1955, 1956 and 1969. Lawsons Creek and Redbank Creek also contribute to flooding problems experienced within the area.

A flood study was recently completed for Mudgee (Department of Land and Water Conservation, 1998). A computer model was developed as part of the flood study, which provided information on existing flood levels and velocities for the Cudgegong River and Lawsons Creek under a range of flood events.

The current floodplain management study investigates what can be done to minimise the effects of flooding. Specific objectives of the study include:

  • a review of the existing flood study model and results;
  • additional flood modelling for Redbank Creek;
  • quantification of the flood problem in Mudgee and rural surrounds;
  • an assessment of potential floodplain management measures to reduce the risks of flooding; and
  • the development of a recommended floodplain management plan for the Mudgee area outlining the best measures to reduce flood damage, based on consideration of environmental, social, economic and engineering issues. 

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