Level 1 Water Restrictions

Level 1 (low) water restrictions will be implemented across the local government area from 1 August after Council resolved to introduce the preventative measure at its June meeting.

This is a preventative measure to ensure the region has adequate water stocks heading into summer and to trigger greater awareness among residents about their water consumption.

During winter, lawns and gardens should be watered with watering systems, microsprays, drip systems, soaker hoses, non-fixed sprinklers hand held hoses only between 6am and 10am or 4pm and 10pm.

New turf can be irrigated one week after laying after which Level 1 restrictions on watering lawns apply, whilst cars should be washed with a bucket and trigger hose.

What's allowed under Level 1 water restrictions?



Watering lawns
and gardens

You can water your lawns and gardens with watering systems, microsprays, drip systems, soaker hoses, non fixed sprinklers and hand held
hoses only.

Winter times: 6–10am; 4–10pm
Summer times: 6pm–9am

Winter time refers to the period outside of Daylight Saving time; Summer time refers to Daylight Saving period Eastern Standard time from first Sunday in October (6 October 2019) to first Sunday in April (5 April 2020).

Washing cars
at home

Permitted with bucket and rinse with trigger hose on lawn at
any time.
Irrigation of
new turf

Permitted for one week after laying, after which Level 1 restriction on watering
lawns applies.
swimming pools

You can top up private
swimming pools.
Hard surfaces including walls
and driveways

You can't wash down hard surfaces, walls or driveways.
Click here (PDF 224Kb) for a downloadable version of  the Level 1 Water Restrictions fact sheet.

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