Water Supply


Council provides a high quality sustainable water supply to the community for domestic use via three reticulated potable water supply systems that service the urban areas of Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos, Charbon and Clandulla.

Water Treatment Plant Mudgee aerial viewTo meet community aspirations the focus is to supply high quality water. Council will continue with a water main replacement program that ensures a high quality of infrastructure and continues to deliver high quality water.

A major focus for Council will be to educate the community on water conservation. Water is no longer the freely available commodity that has been enjoyed in the past. Council needs to think about future generations and their need to enjoy the same level of service as we have today. 


In 2008/09, Council adopted a water charges structure that complies with State Government’s Best Practice Guidelines. This requires an access charge based on capacity (water meter size) and a two-step pricing system for water consumption for resident customers.

Under the Best Practice Guidelines, Council must generate at least 75% of its income from residential customers via usage charges. Therefore, high volume water consumers will pay more than those who consume a lower volume of water.

To view the current Fees and Charges applicable to water usage, please click here.

Some financial relief may be available to residential property owners when water is lost due to an undetectable leak. Click here to view the policy.

New Works

These are the major works planned for this year:

  • Replacement of old and failing water mains.
  • Continuation of installation/improvements to the telemetry network to improve monitoring of our system.

And in future years:

  • A new reservoir is proposed in Mudgee 
  • Upgrades to both Gulgong and Mudgee Water Treatment Plants to service future development.
  • Augmentations will also continue at Rylstone including construction of a new rising main, pump station and reservoir. 
  • The Rylstone Dam requires safety upgrades 
  • The mains replacement program will continue.

Water Supply FAQ

  • How much fluoride is in the town water supply?
  • What is the hardness of the town water supply?
  • How much does it cost to connect water and or sewer to my property?
  • How long will it take to get water connected to my block?
  • If I have paid my contributions do I still need to pay for my connection?
  • I have dirty water coming out of my taps, what can be done?
  • I have a leaking water meter, what do I do?
  • I am changing tap washers and can't turn off the water meter, what do I do?
  • If I have a sample of water that I have collected, will council test it for me?
  • I need my water meter moved from its current location, due to driveway works?
  • I have no water coming out of my taps or am experiencing low water pressure?
  • How much chlorine is in the town water supply?
  • Why does Council apply water restrictions to only Rylstone residents?