Kerbside Bin Services

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Mid-Western Regional Council provides a 4-bin kerbside service within town limits of Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos, Rylstone, Charbon and Clandulla.

What can I put in each bin?

Click here (PDF 617Kb) to view the Kerbside Bin Guide.

* See CRC – Community Recycling Centre on how to properly dispose of these items.

Kerbside bin tips

  • Ensure your waste and recycling is sorted into the correct bin (contaminated bins will not be collected)
  • Put your bins out the night before collection day
  • Place bins at least 1 metre from any parked car, tree or other obstruction
  • Place bins half a metre apart
  • make sure the lid is closed and no items are sticking out of bin
  • Bins over 60kg will not be collected

To reduce bin smells

  • Keep your bins in the shade
  • Keep lids closed (flies cannot access waste if lid is fully shut)
  • Freeze smelly items (like prawn heads) in Council's cornstarch liners until bin night

When will my bins be collected?

(North of Railway)

(South of Railway)


Mudgee North Map (PDF 265Kb)

2019/20 calendar (PDF 358Kb)

Mudgee South Map (PDF 253Kb)

2019/20 calendar (PDF 344Kb)

Gulgong Map (PDF 213Kb)

2019/20 calendar (PDF 359Kb)


I need a new bin

General Waste and Recycling Bins
are available for purchase from Council together with yellow, blue & green replacement lids, wheels and axles.
Food and Garden Waste Bins
along with Kitchen Caddy and Compostable Liners are provided for free as part of the Organics Waste service.
Please contact Council's Customer Service department on 6378 2850
to order these.

I need more caddy liners

Council supplies rolls of caddy liners for free as
part of the Organics Waste service. These liners are
made from cornstarch and are certified
compostable. Do not use any other bag or liner in
the Food & Garden waste bin.