Garbage & Recycling Collection (Residential)

Waste and recycling collection areas and calenders.

Mid-Western Regional Council's General Waste Collection days vary from town to town.

Available within town limits (matching general waste collection boundaries) at Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos, Rlystone, Charbon and Clandulla.

Please see the following calendars for recycling pick up in your area -

What Can I put in my Waste and Recycling Bins

4 Bin System

Residents will need to separate their waste and recycling into three streams;

  • Garbage – This will continue to be a weekly collection using your existing waste bin.
  • Paper and Cardboard – This will be a fortnightly collection.  Paper and cardboard will be placed in the bin with a blue lid.
  • Other recycling -  This will be a fortnightly collection.  The other mixed recyclables will be placed in the bin with a yellow lid.
  • Food organics and garden organics - This will be a weekly collection. Fruit and vegetables, any leftovers or expired foods, meat, chicken, fish, all bones, dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt etc..), tea leaves and tea bags, coffee grounds, bread, rice, pasta and all grains, cake and biscuits, lawn/grass clippings, twigs and small pruinings, leaves (dry or green), flowers, soiled paper and cardboard (pizza boxes and servettes).

 3 bin system






How to place bins out for collection - 


Please adhere information to ensure your bin is collected.

Garbage is collected weekly, the blue and yellow lid recycling bins will be collected on alternate weeks.Wheelie Bins

  • Wheels and handles should face your property
  • Mobile garbage bins should be put out the night before collection day
  • Place bins at least 1 metre from any parked car, tree or other obstruction
  • Make sure the lid is closed and no items are sticking out of bin
  • Make sure the appropriate materials are placed in the bin. (bins will be checked and recycling bins containing incorrect product will not be collected)
  • Bins need to be half a metre (50cm) apart
  • Bins over 60kg will not be collected


 New Bins

General Waste and Recycling Bins - are available for purchase from Council together with yellow, blue & green replacement lids, wheels and axles.

Please contact Council's Customer Service department on 6378 2850 or email to order these.