Roads Asset Management Plan

Mid-Western Regional Council (Council) covers an area of over 9,000km² and includes the historic towns of Gulgong, Kandos, Mudgee and Rylstone, and many rural villages.  The region stretches from the Wollemi National Park in the east to Lake Burrendong in the west and from the Goulburn National Park in the north to the Macquarie and Turon Rivers in the south.

The region is predominantly agricultural, also including extensive viticulture, large mines, increasing tourism and retail.  While coal is transported from mines by train, all industries, including those that service the mines, tourism and local transport needs are dependent on road infrastructure.

The total population of the Mid-Western region exceeds 22,000 with a median age of 41.  There are currently four large mines operating within the region.  Council estimates that within 2-5 years there will be an additional six large mines within the region.  This is expected to correspond with a significant population increase and the increased traffic burden on all roads through personal and work trips will be significant.  In addition, tourism brings approximately 280,000 visitors to the region each year – while some visitors may fly to Mudgee or come by bus, the primary mode of transportation is private vehicle.

Council provides a road network in partnership with State Government and the community to enable safe, well maintained, fit-for–purpose community access in accordance with Council’s service delivery objectives.

The transport services network covered in this RAMP comprises:

• 209 km of state highways
• 976 km of sealed roads
• 1,263 km of unsealed roads
• 6 timber bridges
• 152 concrete / steel bridges
• 438 causeways
• 18.4km of kerb and gutter
• 60km of footpaths and shared use paths
• 105km² of carparks

The roads assets have a current replacement cost of $392.5M (2010) and a current fair value of $292.6M (2010).  It is important to note that some roads, such as Ulan Road, are not included in this study as they will be funded separately, and potentially in conjunction with funding from mines or Government.


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