Road Signage

There are five (5) different types of roadway signs. These include: 

  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Information signs
  • Miscellaneous signs
  • Construction signs (these are generally temporary signs related to construction actions by Council forces or others)

Regulatory Signs

Stop sign   Give Way sign   pedestrian crossing sign   speed limit sign

Regulatory signs include stop signs, give-way signs, school crossings, hospital, pedestrian, handicap parking, loading, speed limit signs, no parking signs, etc.
Council does not approve regulatory speed limits within the region, such approval rests with the Roads & Maritime Service. Council may implement temporary speed limits adjacent to road works from time to time.
Council staff will work with the applicant and gather the pertinent facts for requested changes/additions to regulatory signage. A report may be prepared and submitted to the Traffic Advisory Committee, who will make a recommendation to Council.


Warning Signs

curve speed sign   intersection sign   wildlife sign

Examples include:

  • Speed advisory warning sign
  • Curve or Turn warning sign
  • Blind Driveway warning sign
  • Pedestrian, school, school crossing, & school bus stop warning signs
  • Advance Crossing warning signs (kangaroos, bicycles etc)
  • Senior Citizen warning signs
  • Crest warning signs
  • Stop Ahead, Give Way Ahead, Signals ahead warning signs
  • Chevron alignment warning sign
  • No Through Road warning sign
  • Disable Person warning sign

Traffic analysis, engineering, and property use facts and data shall be reviewed when considering warning signs. In the absence of supporting facts and data, warning signs will not be erected on the region's roads.
Warning signs on roads under the care and control of the RMS, for example the Castlereagh Highway and Sofala Road, will be subject to approval by the Roads & Maritime Service.

To view Council's Policy on Regulatory and Warning Signage, please click here.

Enquiries regarding Regulatory & Warning signage should be directed to Council by phoning  1300 765002 or (02) 6378 2850.

Maintenance of Road Signs

Council is responsible for the installation and maintenance of most road signs on our region's roads. Council strives to maximise the effectiveness of the region's roadway signs and balance maximum sign effectiveness, public safety, and performance while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
Council acknowledges that all signs cannot be maintained in perfect condition due to fiscal and practical constraints. The timing of maintenance and inspections will be planned within the scope of the current operating budget, to balance safety and appearance.
To view Council's Policy on Sign Inspection and Replacement, please click here.


Tourism Attraction and Directional Signs

tourist information sign

Council is committed to providing a quality tourism experience for visitors to the region. An important part of that experience is the ability to move easily throughout the region via a range of consistent and professional signs. This includes the use of traditional brown/white tourism signs, blue/white or yellow tourist information signs and designated tourist trails. In addition, Council aims to provide quality, accessible information to visitors via a series of roadside tourism information bays placed throught the region and in the urban centres.
Council has devised a policy designed to provide a standard that can be easily managed and communicated by MWRC and an approach that can be easily understood by applicants and consequently easily complies with.
To view Council's Policy on Tourism Attraction Directional Signage Policy, please click here.
Enquiries regarding Tourism Attraction and Directional Signs should be directed to Council on 1300 765002 or (02) 6378 2850.