Our Roads Network

Council maintains a road network of approximately 2,445km, including 163km under contract to the RMS (the Castlereagh Highway and Sofala Rd). An annual Road Network Strategic Plan sets priorities for works and can be found here.

Mid-Western Regional Rural Road Map (PDF 755Kb)


Roads & Bridges

Council’s prime objective in managing the Region’s road network is to provide infrastructure that allows safe, convenient and comfortable travel to, from, and within the Region. This involves both maintaining existing roads and planning for future improvements.
Achieving this objective is constrained by the availability of funding from general rate revenue supplemented by Federal and State Government grants.
Each year Council issues an updated list of works planned for the next 12 months in its annual Road Strategic Plan. A copy of the strategy can be found.
Council staff conduct regular inspections of Council roads to monitor road condition so that maintenance works can be efficiently programmed and completed.  On sealed roads, maintenance requirements include patching of potholes and other defects, street sweeping, remarking of faded line marking and resurfacing of roads on a periodic basis. On unsealed (gravel) roads, maintenance services provided include gravel resheeting, grading, pothole patching and clearing of open drains.
The road network in Mid-Western is categorised into three classes:

  • State Roads - fully funded and managed by State Government
  • Regional Roads - fully funded by State Government and Council but managed by Council
  • Council Roads – these roads are, in the main, funded by Council with minor Government assistance.

Image of a grader



  • When will my road be graded?
  • How are requests for road maintenance prioritised?
  • How can I get my road listed on Council's maintained roads list?