State of environment reports

Since 2008, Council has participated in a Regional State of the Environment Report with 17 other Councils from across the Central West region. This process is facilitated by the Central West and Central Tablelands Local Lands Service. Copies of the State of the Environment Report are available for viewing in the library and from Council, electronic copies are provided below.

State of the Environment 2016-2017
Snapshot   (PDF 4Mb)
Report   (PDF 21Mb)

State of the Environment Comprehensive Report 2012-2016

Snapshot  (PDF 4Mb)
Report  (PDF 20Mb)

State of the Environment 2014-2015
Snapshot  (PDF 69Mb)
Report  (PDF 16Mb)

State of the Environment 2013-2014
Snapshot  (PDF 61Mb)
Report  (PDF 15Mb)

State of the Environment 2012-2013

Snapshot  (PDF 3Mb)

Report  (PDF 57Mb)


State of the Environment 2011-2012 (PDF 13Mb) (13Mb)

State of the Environment 2010-11 (PDF 5Mb) (4Mb)

State of the Environment Report 2009-10 (PDF 6Mb) (6Mb)

State of the Environment Report 2008-09 (PDF 12Mb)


Rural Living Handbook

The Rural Living Handbook was produced by the Central West Catchment Management Authority and the Bathurst Orange Dubbo Sustainability Alliance. The Handbook is intended to be a tool for new land owners, or existing owners wanting to brush up on their knowledge. There is a range of information about weed and pest management, water conservation, salinity and erosion control, native vegetation and wildlife, chemical use, farm safety and local planning information. Key contacts and links to further information are also provided.

Please note that the file sizes may be too large for slow internet connections.

Download here




Resource Efficiency Toolkit

The Resource Efficiency Toolkit for small to medium business has been developed in partnership between the Central West CMA and the Bathurst Orange Dubbo Sustainability Alliance to help you assess how your business can implement simple cost savings while becoming more sustainable. 
The toolkit focuses on energy consumption, water use and waste reduction. It is divided into two sections:

Case Studies that give examples of businesses in Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo and include a description of some changes made by these companies and the savings made.

Fact Sheets that provide background information and some simple checklists that can assist you in implementing some simple cost-effective changes to your business operations.

The Central West CMA, which has long supported agriculture to become more sustainable, is proud to work with and support local business in becoming not only more sustainable but also more economically viable. This Toolkit helps you identify more sustainable ways of doing business.

Not only can you achieve considerable saving and be more viable in the long term, you can also help achieve vibrant communities and healthy landscapes across our catchment.

Download here (PDF 3Mb)