Frequently asked questions

What can I clear on my land?

Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) is the regulatory body for the Native Vegetation (NV) Act. Under the NV Act, the CMA can approve the clearing of remnant native vegetation or protected regrowth. All clearing needs approval through a Property Vegetation Plan (PVP), unless it is:

  • on land that is excluded from the NV Act
  • categorised as excluded clearing
  • a permitted clearing activity.

For more information on what is and is not permitted or to apply for a PVP visit-

I believe a tree is dangerous, what should I do?

The first thing we need to know is- Where is the tree located?
If the tree is on a road or public reserve you must lodge a works request either through the website click here or by phoning Council during business hours on 6378 2850.

If the tree is located on private land you must send your request in writing to Council preferably with a photo and sketch/map of the tree location. Depending on location and circumstances you may need to obtain an Arborist report and lodge a DA.


I’m concerned there is a bush fire hazard on my property, what can I do?

Contact the Rural Fire Service to discuss your concerns. You must apply for and receive a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate before starting any hazard reduction works, such as removing or burning vegetation.

Fires for the purpose of bush fire hazard reduction or agricultural activities may also require a Fire Safety Permit from the RFS in rural areas (1800 679 737), or Fire & Rescue NSW in urban areas. For details information visit