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Council continues to be committed to the region's environmental values and the Environment Department continues to pursue programs that not only review how environmentally friendly Council's activities are, but also through the pursuit of education and on ground projects to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of the environment.

Environment Projects

Environmental Links, Resources and FAQs

Waterways and Drains

Mid-Western Regional Council’s stormwater and drainage program is designed to provide a highly effective and efficient stormwater collection and disposal system that achieves an optimum balance between the level of protection and minimum cost to the community. Read more...


Noxious Weeds

The Noxious Weeds Section focuses on noxious weeds within the Mid-Western Region and is committed to reducing the impact of noxious weeds on our community.

Our team will help you learn about noxious weeds on your property and put measures in place to control them before they become a problem for you and the environment. They can help you identify noxious weeds on your property and assist you in preparing a noxious weed management plan to ensure you are complying with the Noxious Weeds Act.

Learn what to look for when buying land.

Dangerous Trees

Please refer to Council's fact sheet Managing Dangerous Trees.

Environment Enquiry?

The Environment Department is happy to assist you with your enivronmental enquiries. You can contact us on
(02) 6378 2850,
via email at council@midwestern.nsw.gov.au
or by mail to the
Environment Department
Mid Western Regional Council
PO Box 156, MUDGEE NSW 2850.


Noxious Weed Enquiry?

If you need any advice on Noxious Weed control you can call our office on 6378 2850 or email your enquiry to weeds@midwestern.nsw.gov.au.