Emergency Services


In An Emergency

  • For Flood and Storm Damage call the SES on 13 25 00.


  • For all other emergencies Dial 000



In the event of any incident, accident or declared emergency, it is the function of the primary responding emergency service organisation to maintain control and command of the event. Depending on the type, level or location of the incident, accident or emergency the command or control Agency may vary.

On occasions, Council may be required to assist in a support role to one or more of these agencies.
Requests for Council assistance should only come from the Police, NSW Fire Brigade (NSWFB), Rural Fire Service (RFS) Duty Officer, Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) or State Emergency Services (SES). These agencies will call the After Hours service on 6378 2850, however the duty phone is listed as an emergency contact number in the DisPlan, 0429 650632 and may be used by those agencies.

Calls for assistance, other than from the agencies listed above, should be advised to call 000 or 132500 for storm and flood assistance.

The assistance Council provides may vary depending on the type and location of the incident, accident or emergency. The following list should assist in the type of response Council should provide. Generally, emergency service agencies render the situation safe and then hand the event to either another agency or back to the landowner. If in any doubt, call the LEMO, Andrew Drummond 0427 179704 or Alternative LEMO Andrew Kearins 0428 725802.

Storms and Floods – wind/dust/rain/hail – RING 132500
Lead agency SES, Support Agency RFS and VRA
All calls received by Council for assistance relating to storms and floods to be advised to call 132500. SES may require Council assistance and will provide a job number for each job allocated to Council – any Council costs can then be reimbursed through the SES. Council only to respond to SES requests and only complete the work requested. Additional on-site work will require a new job number obtained by calling the SES on 132500. Council responsible for own buildings but may seek SES assistance if required. Council may be required to remove trees from roads

Motor Vehicle Accidents – RING 000
Lead agency Police, Support Agency Ambulance, FRNSW, RFS, VRA, SES.
Fuel/Oil spills generally the NSWRFS or FRNSW

Council responsibility

  • Close roads
  • Traffic Control – Signage/controllers
  • Make road safe after the event
  • May involve sweeping
  • Clearing debris from area
  • Provision of absorbent materials to make roads safe
  • Road signs

House Fires – RING 000
Lead agency either FRNSW or RFS
Council involvement should be rare but may involve road closures and provision of bulk water supplies in remote areas during times of drought

Bush Fires – RING 000
Lead agency RFS.

Council involvement may include

  • Road closures
  • Clearing fire trails
  • Providing fuel/maintenance to vehicles
  • Providing Admin staff for fire control centre
  • Providing mechanical services
  • Provision of bulk water
  • Transport of large or bulky equipment
  • Transport of aviation fuel stock

Bush Fires – Section 44
Lead agency RFS.
Requests for Council assistance to the RFS will be made through the LEMO or Alternate LEMO and may include water tankers, fuel truck, dozer, grader, road closures.

HAZMAT Spills – RING 000
Lead agency FRNSW, Support Agency RFS. Fuel/Oil spills generally the FRNSW/RFS.

Council responsibility – once Hazmat declare safe – normally oil/fuel spills

  • Close roads
  • Traffic Control – Signage/controllers
  • Make road safe after the event
  • May involve sweeping
  • Clearing debris from area
  • Provision of absorbent material
  • Road signs