Family Day Care

Introduction to Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a quality child care service which offers professional care and education for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, in the private homes of registered Family Day Care Educators.

Educators are licensed to have up to 7 children (including their own children), but only 4 children under school age. This is a better adult to child ratio than you will find in a long day care centre.

Family Day Care Educators are required to follow the same National Quality Framework (2011 Law and Regulations) that Long Day Child Care Centres and Pre Schools do. We are an Accredited Scheme (ACECQA).

Educators’ homes undergo strict and detailed safety checks before they start with the Scheme. All Educators must have a current 1st Aid Certificate and are required to take out appropriate Public Liability Insurance. Educators (and any adults over 18 who reside in the home) undergo a Working with Children Check.

Educators are required to program for daily indoor and outdoor activities based on their children's interests and developmental needs. Educators are also required to keep ongoing observation records of every child. Educators are visited regularly by Early Childhood trained Coordination Unit staff.

Why choose Family Day Care for your child?

Family Day Care is a wonderful option for young children requiring care, especially those aged 0-3 years. Family Day Care offers a more individualised program in a quieter, calmer environment that a larger child care centre.

Family Day Care is registered for families, who are eligible, to receive Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate from the Government. Parents or guardians working or studying full time can receive up to 50 hours care a week. Parents that are not working or studying can still receive up to 24 hours subsidised care a week.

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Considering becoming a
Family Day Care Educator?

Running a Family Day care is a wonderful opportunity for your children to interact with other children in a smaller group, in a safe and familiar home environment.

Becoming a professional Family Day Care Educator is an opportunity to create a rewarding and successful career. You will enjoy the flexibility of running your own business with the support and guidance from the Family Day Care Coordination Unit.   You are able to determine your own days and hours of work, within the guidelines provided.

You will develop tailored educational programs for your children based on their individual developmental needs, interests and experiences. 

All Family Day Care Educators will need to hold or be working towards, a Certificate 3 in Children's Services. They must also be over the age of 21 and be committed to ongoing professional development.

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