Cultural Services

The vision for culture in the Mid-Western Regional Council area is:-

To preserve and build on the strong cultural foundations in the region and foster diversity and creativitiy by:

  • Promoting centres and programmes of excellence;
  • Encouraging maximum community participation and enjoyment;
  • Seeking economic support from various sources to ensure sustainability of cultural activities, and
  • Supporting optimum economic development.

 The development of a cultural plan is vital to the support and growth of cultural pursuits in the Mid-Western Regional Council area. Council's Cultural Plan aims to ensure that achievable outcomes create equitable access to cultural services and facilities in the region as well as responding to the cultural priorities of the community.


Mudgee Arts Precinct

Cultural Plan (PDF 397Kb)

Cultural Development Committee

Regional Sculpture Collection

Orana Arts



Mudgee Arts Precinct


Frogs on Water Lily

Frogs on Water Lily

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