Lost Or Found Livestock - Impounding               

Livestock that are at large can often cause a nuisance to other people or pose an accident risk on the Region's roads and may be impounded by Council Officers.   Sheep Under A Tree
If you have lost or found livestock, please telephone council on

1300 765 002 or 02-6378 2850.
Stock that are impounded will incur impounding and sustenance fees.

Please see our Fees & Charges for details. When appropriate, impounded livestock are advertised in the classified ad section of the Mudgee Guardian or The Weekly.

Stock On The Road

If you see stock straying on to a roadway, please telephone Council as soon as possible so that officers can attend and avoid an accident or injury to the animals.
Your local branch of the Livestock Health and Pest Authority (formerly the Rural Lands Protection Board) may also be able to assist with identification of stray stock and can be contacted on 02- 6372 1866.Group of cows on road
 Cows On RaodCows On RaodCows On Raod

Useful contacts

Mudgee Police Station
(in case of accident)
6372 8599.

Livestock Health and Pest Authority
6372 1866.

Mid Western Regional Council
1300 765 002 or 6378 2850