Do I need approval?

To establish if your proposal requires approval you will need to determine the type of development that you propose. Some development requires an application to Council while other development may be undertaken without any planning approval. This part of Council's website provides information on how to establish your type of development, your zone and any relevant approval requirements.

The following steps will help establish what approvals may be required:

  1. Determine the zone that applies to the development site under the Mid-Western Regional Local Environmental 2012.
  2. Establish the type of development you propose and check whether your type of proposed development is permitted with or without consent, or if prohibited in your zone.
  3. Check if there are any other site attributes such as Bushfire or Heritage that may trigger other approval requirements.
  4. Confirm that the site is suitable for the proposed development.
  5. Check how Council's adopted guidelines, plans, codes and policies affect the proposed development. 

Sometimes it is not clear whether something requires a Development Application as it often depends on the size and location of the works. If you are unsure it is advisable to check with Council before proceeding.

Taking over an existing business?

There are provisions within the legislation that allow for the continued operation of existing uses without further approval being required. It is reccommended that you contact Council to establish if the business you wish to operate was lawfully established and if there are any conditions that govern the operation of the business you should be aware of.


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