Planning & Development

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Council's Planning and Development Department helps to conserve, protect and enhance the natural and built environment of the Mid-Western Region and to improve the quality of life for our community and future generations. Council has a primary responsibility of ensuring our sensitive environment is retained and, where possible, enhanced through the application of appropriate building and development controls for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. 

This section of Council’s website provides information on buying a property, strategic planning, carrying out development and how to prepare development applications. 

The three areas of responsibility are:

Environmental Health and Building Control; Statutory Planning; Strategic Planning & the Environment

A Town Planner is available every day at the Planning and Development Enquiry Counter to assist you with your planning enquiries. If you are unable to attend Council's Mudgee Administration Building in person, you can contact the Planning and Development Department by phone, on 
(02) 6378 2850, via email at or by mail marked attention of the Planning and Development Department, Mid-Western Regional Council, 86 Market Street Mudgee NSW 2850. If you wish to speak or make an appointment with a specific Town Planner please phone (02) 6378 2850.

As our Health and Building Surveyors are often out in the field if you wish to make an appointment please phone (02) 6378 2850. All enquiries and inspection bookings should also be directed to this phone number.