Ordinary Meeting 20 May 2020

Council Meeting 20 May 2020 - Business Paper Agenda (PDF 14Mb) (PDF 24Mb)

Council Meeting 20 May 2020- Separately Attached Attachments (PDF 34Mb)

Council Meeting 20 May 2020 - Confirmed Minutes (PDF 436Kb)

  5. Mayoral Minute
 5.1 Nil
  6. Notices of Motion or Rescission
  6.1 Investigation of Flood Maintenance Money for Glen Willow (PDF 176Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
 7.1  MRT Quarterly Report  January to March 2020 (PDF 4Mb)
 7.2  Local Government NSW Membership Renewal 2020-21 (PDF 333Kb)
 7.3 Orana Joint Organisation  (PDF 158Kb)
 7.4 Code of Meeting Practice - Post Public Exhibition Report  (PDF 158Kb)
  8. Development
  8.1 DA0170-2020 - Demolition of Dwelling House 26 Robertson Street Mudgee (PDF 6Mb)
  8.2  DA0149-2020 - Alterations and Additions to Woolpack Hotel - 67 Market Street, Mudgee (PDF 478Kb)
  8.3 Draft Mid-Western Regional Local Strategic Planning  (PDF 199Kb)
  8.4 Events Assistance Applications  (PDF 182Kb)
  8.5  Australian Government Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grant Funding (PDF 391Kb)
  8.6  Amended Food Inspection Program 2019-20 (PDF 169Kb)
  8.7 Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zone Market Street and Church Street Mudgee for Flavours of Mudgee 2020 (PDF 686Kb)
  8.8 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined (PDF 668Kb) 
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 30 April 2020  (PDF 370Kb)
  9.2  Request by Developer for Easement over Council Land - Mudgee Valley Tourist Park 8 Bell Street Mudgee  (PDF 273Kb)
  9.3 Submissions to the Draft 2020-21 Operational Plan and 2017-21 Delivery Program  (PDF 1Mb)
  9.4 Quarterly Budget Review Statement March 2020  (PDF 166Kb)
  9.5 Naming of new streets in a subdivision off George Campbell Drive, Eurunderee (PDF 749Kb)
  9.6  Naming of new streets in a subdivision off Saleyards Lane, Mudgee  (PDF 1Mb)
  9.7 Naming of a park in Rylstone  (PDF 2Mb)
  9.8 Monthly Budget Review - April 2020 (PDF 1Mb)
  9.9 Community Grants Program - May 2020 (PDF 2Mb)
  9.10 Perpetual Lease - Application to Purchase (PDF 2Mb)
  9.11 Interim COVID-19 Local Preference Policy (PDF 486Kb)
  9.12 Interim COVID-19 Financial Assistance Policy (PDF 165Kb)
  9.13 Bushfire Recovery Financial Update (PDF 237Kb)
  10.  Operations 
  10.1 Ulan-Wollar Rd Realignment Additional Works (PDF 165Kb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 RFT 2020-13 Renovation and Construction of Art Gallery and Tourism Information Centre (PDF 173Kb)
  11.2 RFT 2020-14 Construction of Glen Willow Rugby Union Clubhouse, Canteen and Change Rooms (PDF 164Kb)
  11.3 RFT 2020-15 Construction of Glen Willow Stage 2 Playing Fields (PDF 170Kb)
  11.4 NSW Government Showground Stimulus Funding (PDF 169Kb)
  11.5 Community Services Quarterly Update - January to March  (PDF 466Kb)
  11.6 Agency Information Guide Post exhibition  (PDF 591Kb)
  11.7 Regent Theatre (PDF 157Kb)
  12.  Reports to Committees 
  12.1  Nil
  14.1  Commercial Property Opportunity