Ordinary Meeting 17 July 2019

Council Meeting 17 July 2019 - Business Paper Agenda (PDF 14Mb)

Council Meeting 17 July 2019 - Separately Attached Attachments (PDF 10Mb)

Report 8.2 - (PDF 331Kb)MA0049-2019 Modification to 45 Lot Subdivision 17-29 Fairydale Lane MUDGEE (PDF 961Kb) - amended attachments.pdf (PDF 579Kb) (PDF 331Kb)

Council Minutes - Confirmed.pdf (PDF 450Kb)

  5. Mayoral Minute
 5.1 Extraordinary Meetings in July and August.pdf (PDF 666Kb)
 5.2 Warbirds Association.pdf (PDF 285Kb)
  6. Notices of Motion or Rescission
  6.1 Notice of Motion - Regional Roads to State Roads in the Mid-Western Region.pdf (PDF 154Kb) 
  6.2 Solar Farm Planning.pdf (PDF 154Kb) 
  6.3 Notice of Motion - Water Saving and Distribution.pdf (PDF 353Kb) 
  6.4 Notice of Motion -'Let's Light Up Football'.pdf (PDF 158Kb) (PDF 353Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
 7.1 2019 Christmas Close Down.pdf (PDF 161Kb) 
  8. Development
  8.1 MA022-2019 - Modification Application to DA0152-2015 (Bombira Estate) - 220 Ulan Road, Bombira.pdf (PDF 2Mb)

MA0049-2019 Modification to 45 Lot Subdivision 17-29 Fairydale Lane MUDGEE.pdf (PDF 961Kb) 

Report 8.2 - amended attachments.pdf (PDF 331Kb)

  8.3 Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zone Market Street Mudgee for Flavours of Mudgee 2019.pdf (PDF 585Kb) 
  8.4 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined.pdf (PDF 640Kb) 
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 30 June 2019.pdf (PDF 345Kb)
  9.2  Community Grants Program.pdf (PDF 373Kb) 
  10.  Operations 
  10.1 RFT 2018-27 Wet & Dry Plant Hire Tender.pdf (PDF 172Kb)
  10.2  Draft Pressure Sewer System Policy and Fees for Backlog Sewerage Schemes.pdf (PDF 506Kb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 Memorandum of Understanding with Mudgee Fine Foods Inc..pdf (PDF 310Kb)
  11.2 RFT2019-23 Design and Construct Glen Willow Junior Rugby League Amenities Building.pdf (PDF 190Kb) 
  11.3 2019-20 Insurance Placement.pdf (PDF 161Kb)
  11.4 Lions Park Mudgee.pdf (PDF 4Mb)
  11.5 Indoor Pool Feasibility Study.pdf (PDF 171Kb) 
  12.  Reports to Committees 
  12.1 Cultural Development Committee.pdf (PDF 298Kb) 
  12.2 Mid-Western Regional Youth Council.pdf (PDF 2Mb) 
  12.3 Mid-Western Regional Council Access Committee.pdf (PDF 889Kb) 
  12.4 Red Hill Committee Meeting 1 May 2019.pdf (PDF 656Kb) 
  12.5 Rylstone and Kandos Sports Council Meeting 5 March 2019.pdf (PDF 272Kb) 
  14.1  General Manager's Performance Agreement 2019-2020
  14.2 Updated on LEC Proceedings No.19/152087 - White Rock Road, Pinnacle Swamp