Ordinary Meeting 17 April 2019

Council Meeting 17 April 2019 - Business Paper Agenda (PDF 16Mb)

Council Meeting 17 April 2019 - Separately Attached Attachments (PDF 37Mb)

Council Meeting 17 April 2019 - Confirmed Minutes (PDF 308Kb)

  5. Mayoral Minute
  6. Notices of Motion or Rescission
  7. Office of the General Manager
  8. Development
  8.1 General Amendment to Mid-Western Regional Local Environmental Plan 2012.pdf (PDF 859Kb)
  8.2  Draft Development Control Plan 2013 Amendment 4 - Solar Energy Farms.pdf (PDF 223Kb)  (PDF 167Kb)
  8.3 Draft Mid-Western Regional Contributions Plan 2019.pdf (PDF 208Kb) 
  8.4 My Community Project Grant.pdf (PDF 2Mb) 
  8.5  Re-Establishment of Alcohol Free Zones.pdf (PDF 546Kb)
  8.6 Events Assistance Application.pdf (PDF 383Kb) 
  8.7 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined.pdf (PDF 602Kb) 
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Naming of an unnamed road off Burrendong Dam Road.pdf (PDF 2Mb) 
  9.2  Naming of an unnamed lane off Bulga Street, Gulgong.pdf (PDF 3Mb) 
  9.3 Naming of a new street off Kilkenny Avenue, Mudgee.pdf (PDF 911Kb) 
  9.4 Name to be included in the Pre-Approved Street-Road Names List.pdf (PDF 272Kb) 
  9.5 Revised Delivery Program 2017-21 and Draft Operational Plan 2019-20.pdf (PDF 177Kb) 
  9.6  Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 31 March 2019.pdf (PDF 2Mb)  (PDF 783Kb)
  9.7 Monthly Budget Review - February 2019.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  9.8 Financial Reserves Policy Revision.pdf (PDF 646Kb)  (PDF 391Kb)
  10.  Operations 
  10.1 School Waste and Recycling School Program.pdf (PDF 172Kb)
  10.2  Sealing of Spring Flat South Lane.pdf (PDF 169Kb) 
  10.3 RFT 2019-13 Water Treatment Plant, Cudgegong Waters Park.pdf (PDF 168Kb) (PDF 169Kb)
  10.4 Bombira Estate Works In Kind Agreement - Sewerage Distribution Works Water.pdf (PDF 508Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb) (PDF 169Kb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 Rylstone Wood Symposium - Public Art installations.pdf (PDF 676Kb) 
  11.2 Policy Review- Electoral matter local policy.pdf (PDF 282Kb) 
  11.3 Establishment of a Lawn Cemetery at Rylstone.pdf (PDF 194Kb) 
  12.  Reports to Committees 
  12.1 Local Traffic Committee Minutes - March meeting 2019.pdf (PDF 432Kb) 
  12.2 Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee Meeting 12 March 2019.pdf (PDF 234Kb) 
  12.3 Cultural Development Committee.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  14.1  Sponsorship Opportunity