Ordinary meeting 20 June 2018

Council Meeting 20 June 2018 - Business Paper - Agenda (PDF 26Mb)

Council Meeting 20 June 2018 - Business Paper - Separately Attached Attachments (PDF 34Mb)

Council Meeting 20 June 2018 - Confirmed Minutes.pdf (PDF 671Kb)

  6. Notices of Motion or Recission
  6.1 Crematorium.pdf (PDF 19Kb)
  6.2 Bus Access to Red Hill.pdf (PDF 55Kb)
  6.3 Water Modelling.pdf (PDF 229Kb)
  6.4 Council Representation at Funerals.pdf (PDF 20Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
  8. Development
  8.1 DA0139-2018 - Community Facility and Housing for People with a Disability - 153 Bruce Road, Mudgee.pdf (PDF 2Mb) 
MA0020-2017 (DA0214-2014) - Modification to Subdivision and Industrial Development - 36B Sydney Road, Mudgee.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  8.3 RV Friendly Towns.pdf (PDF 303Kb) 
  8.4 Events Assistance Applications.pdf (PDF 754Kb) 
  8.5 Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zone Market Street Mudgee for Flavours of Mudgee 2018.pdf (PDF 443Kb) 
  8.6 Street Banner Usage Policy.pdf (PDF 168Kb) 
  8.7 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined.pdf (PDF 523Kb)
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Delivery Program 2017-18 - 2020-21 and Operational Plan 2018-19.pdf (PDF 145Kb) 
  9.2  Community Grants Program - June 2018.pdf (PDF 606Kb) 
  9.3 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 31 May 2018.pdf (PDF 333Kb)
  9.4 Monthly Budget Review April 2018.pdf (PDF 1Mb)
  9.5 Write-off of Debts - Period 8-6-2017 to 4-6-2018.pdf (PDF 29Kb)
  9.6 Summary of the Outcomes from the Sale of Land to Recover Rates and Charges Conducted on 6 April 2018.pdf (PDF 32Kb) 
  9.7 Proposed Road Closure of an Unformed Part of a Council Road Reserve - Part of Melrose Road.pdf (PDF 923Kb) 
  9.8 Proposed Road Closure of an Unformed Part of a Council Road Reserve - Road South of Anzac Avenue Kandos.pdf (PDF 2Mb)
  9.9 Renaming of an undeveloped discontinuous section of Burgundy Road, Mudgee.pdf (PDF 4Mb) 
  9.10 Naming of an unnamed lane off Wenonah Street, Gulgong.pdf (PDF 605Kb) 
  9.11 Naming of unnamed road off Campbells Creek Road, Windeyer.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  9.12 Naming of an unnamed road off Ridout Lane Gulgong.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  9.13 Naming of an unnamed Road off White House Road, Gulgong.pdf (PDF 654Kb) 
  9.14 Naming of an unnamed road off Goolma Road to Bergalin Road, Gulgong.pdf (PDF 964Kb)
  915 Naming of an unnamed road off Spring Ridge Road, Beryl.pdf (PDF 4Mb)
  10.  Operations 
  10.1 Sealing of 250m Bunbury Road.pdf (PDF 33Kb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 LGNSW Annual Conference 2018.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  11.2 Access to Information Policy Review and Agency Information Guide Update.pdf (PDF 25Kb) 
  11.3 Complaints Policy.pdf (PDF 29Kb)
  12.  Reports to Committees 
  12.1 Red Hill Committee Meeting 9 May 2018.pdf (PDF 155Kb) 
  12.2 Minutes - Community Safety Committee 7 May 2018.pdf (PDF 271Kb) 
  12.3 Mudgee Showground Management Committee.pdf (PDF 120Kb) 
  12.4 Local Traffic Committee Meeting - Special Request.pdf (PDF 103Kb) 
  14.1  Introduction of Smart Water Metering Systems
  14.2 Commercial Property Opportunity
  14.3 Information for Council regarding proposed Class Action relating to Council Insurance