Ordinary meeting 12 December 2018

Council Meeting 12 December 2018 - Public Agenda.pdf (PDF 25Mb)

Council Meeting 12 December 2018 - Separately Attached Attachments.pdf (PDF 26Mb)

Council Meeting 12 December 2018 - Business Paper - Confirmed Minutes.pdf (PDF 351Kb)

  7. Office of the General Manager
 7.1 MRTI Quarterly Report- July to September 18.pdf (PDF 3Mb)
  8. Development
  8.1 DA0046-2019 - Subdivision - Torrens Title - 1 into 16 Lots - 20-24 Bell Street, Mudgee.pdf (PDF 2Mb)
DA0072-2019 - Detached dual occupancy and subdivision - 20 Baskerville Drive , Mudgee.pdf (PDF 4Mb) 
  8.3 MA0021-2019 Modification to DA0155-2014 Demolition, Remediation Works, Temporary Installation Concrete Crushing Plant- 1 Jamison St, Kandos.pdf (PDF 424Kb) 
  8.4 Development Control Plan Amendment 3 - Post Exhibition Report.pdf (PDF 237Kb)
  8.5 Funding Acceptance NSW Department of Industry Infrastructure Grant.pdf (PDF 2Mb) 
  8.6 2018-19 Local Heritage Grants - Reallocation.pdf (PDF 207Kb) 
  8.7 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined.pdf (PDF 708Kb)
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Community Grants Program Policy Review.pdf (PDF 641Kb)
  9.2  Naming of Jack Webb Bridge over Cooyal Creek on Ulan Road Frog Rock-Linburn.pdf (PDF 3Mb) 
  9.3 Community Grants Program.pdf (PDF 5Mb) 
  9.4 Procurement Policy Review.pdf (PDF 1Mb)
  9.5 Local Preference Policy Review.pdf (PDF 737Kb)
  9.6 Loan Funding Saleyards Lane Subdivision.pdf (PDF 166Kb)
  9.7 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 30 November 2018.pdf (PDF 563Kb)
  9.8 Monthly Budget Review - October 2018.pdf (PDF 1Mb) 
  10.  Operations 
  10.1 Smart Water Metering.pdf (PDF 180Kb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 Review of Payment of Expenses and Provisions of Facilities to Councillors Policy.pdf (PDF 1Mb)
  12.  Reports to Committees 
  12.1 Local Traffic Committee Minutes - November 2018.pdf (PDF 401Kb)
  Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee meeting 13 November 2018.pdf (PDF 262Kb)
  Mudgee Regional Saleyard Committee.pdf (PDF 341Kb)
  Mudgee Showground Management Committee.pdf (PDF 370Kb)